VIDEO: Hiking Mount Batur

There are not many things in life I’m willing to wake-up for at 2 AM; however, it is not everyday that you get the opportunity to hike up an active volcano.  In pitch black conditions we meandered through narrow serpentine roads until we finally arrived at the base.

It was there that we met our guide:  “Nice to meet you.  I’m Sam.”  “Good-Day.”  “Yes, it is a good day.  What is your name?”  “I’m Good Day (GoDe)”

With torchlight in hand, we began our accent up Mount Batur.  Initially the relatively flat terrain fooled me into thinking this would be more like a walk in the park than a climb up a mountain.  It didn’t take long for it start becoming more of a challenge.  With loose shale and a far steeper incline each step had to be carefully measured.  The initially obsession I had with the chocolate banana pancakes we had been promised, now shifted towards not falling down on my rear.

By the time we reached the summit our clothes were drenched with sweat and we were completed knackered.  Luckily for us, a pancake breakfast (albeit not chocolate) along with toast and milo awaited.  After cooling off, eating and drinking some refreshments we were treated to one of the most spectacular sunrises I’ve ever witnessed.

We weren’t alone, as a group of cheeky monkeys joined our entourage looking for a few scraps of food.  Instead of being annoyed by them, like I was at Ubud Monkey Forest, I instead used them a silhouette backdrop for the photos and video clips I was taking.

Before descending down the mountain, I took extra time to marvel at this magnificent display of nature.  One thing I’ve learned to appreciate more – over the years – are the special moments ‘ah-huh’ moments when traveling.  These ‘ah-huh’ moments are when I feel a tingle inside of me – often a feeling of deep calm, peace and a sense of gratitude.

On the way down, it was much easier to place one foot in front of the other with clear daylight as opposed to darkness.  Overall, the climbing Mount Batur (up and down) was more physically challenging than I had anticipated.  It was a great reminder that I need to get rid of my blogger belly and get back to being in better shape 😉

Video Transcript:


The allure of hiking up Mount Batur, an active volcano, had us out of bed at 2 AM to reach the summit – an impressive 5,630 feet.

We made it to the top.

The physically demanding hike was totally worth it the moment we witnessed an unforgettable sunrise. The views were simply stunning.

Our attention quickly shifted to the cheeky monkeys begging for food, playing and wandering around the area where all of the hikers were clustered.

It is not everyday that you get to climb an active volcano. It was totally worth the long climb up.

Before we made our way back down we spent time enjoying the scenery and taking plenty of photos.

If you’re planning on trekking ensure that you wear proper footwear to counter the sharp volcanic rock. There are plenty of loose rocks and shale and we almost slipped a few times.

Overall, we’d recommend the hike for those who are physically fit and adventurous.

Hiking a volcano - Mount Batur - for sunrise in Bali, Indonesia


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