Hiking in Nuuksio National Park #OutdoorsFinland

On day three of our outdoor adventure travels in Finland we ventured away from Helsinki to explore the rugged wilderness of the Finnish countryside. Our first stop was at Nuuksio National park where we went on a guided hike. Walking in the woods allowed us to experience scenic lakes and forest in natural setting. There is something remarkably therapeutic about being outside in the wild. The scenic outdoors in Finland is one of the most attractive features of the country where you can enjoy chopping wood, making a campfire and hiking to your heart’s content.

The second part of our day was spent driving to Kasnas with the intention of basing ourselves for the next couple of days in the Finnish Archipelago. Although we went kayaking the day before, having the chance to once again paddle in Kasn√§s was an opportunity we relished. With smaller and lighter kayaks we ventured off into the waters. The more challenging aspect was trying to keep them balanced and upright ūüėČ

Overall, if you plan to visit Finland be sure outdoors adventure activities are part of your itinerary.


Video Script:

Hiking in Nuuksio National Park and Kayaking in Kasnäs | Finland Vlog Day 3

It is day three in Finland and today we are going for a walk in the woods. We’re here at Nuuksio National Park.

On today’s outing we learned about Every Man’s Right in Finland. This is a traditional Finnish concept that allows people to camp out freely, to pick berries and mushrooms in the wild, to fish with a rod and line, and to walk, cycle, or ski anywhere on the land. To sum it up, Every Man’s Right means that everyone is free to enjoy the land.

Where are you right now? Right now I’m in a woodshed and what is really cool is that the Finnish government provides wood for all of the National Parks. You can go out and make a fire here.

Har! Har! Except, you don’t have any firewood.

After hiking for a while, we cooked some sausages and enjoyed some sandwiches by the lake. It was a great way to spend a summer afternoon in Finland.

And we’re kayaking again today.

It is eight o’clock right now. It is calm. It is peaceful outside. It is still very light and we have the golden rays of the sun shining down on the water.

Hiking in Nuuksio National Park


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