VIDEO: Hiking to Cat Cat Village

In our latest travel video we embark on a short hike from our base in Sapa to visit Cat Cat Village (Black Hmong Tribe) early in the morning. With so many different hiking options to choose from it was difficult narrowing it down to just one specific route.

Sapa is the perfect launching pad for trekking in the region to nearby minority ethnic villages. Hikes cater for all skill levels, as some villages are just several kilometers away whereas others involve multiple day routes.

We started our journey with nothing more than a rough idea of where we were going, as pointed out by the manager working at our hotel.

Once we got away from the town we really started to enjoy the hike. Along the way we were treated to spectacular views of mountain vistas, cascading rice terraces, and wooden homes.

Not long after we started our journey, we were greeted by three ladies who asked us a plethora of different questions before trying to sell us some homemade crafts. They were polite and kind at first; however, I knew things were about to change as we approached close to the village.

The pressure to purchase something started to mount as the ladies revved up their negotiating tactics. Although I had no intentions to buy anything, Audrey was still searching for a few small gifts to send back home.

Although we ended up buying something, it was a little off-putting how aggressive they were. Buying from one lady wasn’t enough; they wanted us to shop from the entire trio. Audrey eventually ended up buying one more item from a lady who started playing free music for no longer than 10 seconds.

Feeling relieved that they finally went away, we continued on with our hike.

Once we reached the village we spend time exploring around some of the traditional homes and pathways that were lined by simple shops selling everything from trinkets to cowboy hats.

I ended up purchasing that cowboy hat šŸ˜› As many of you may – or may not – know I’m a man of many hats; especially, those that are unique or what some might describe as being cheesy.

Exploring these frontier parts of Northern Vietnam had me feeling a bit like a cowboy, so I suppose it was a rather fitting acquisition to put on top of my head.

Feeling tired from the excursion we headed back up the steep serpentine roads that lead to our hotel in Sapa. Unfortunately, things would go downhill for me after this trek, as I started feeling sick to my stomach.

Hiking trip to Cat Cat Village to visit the Black Hmong Tribe video


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