VIDEO: Hiking to Lao Chai Village

In our latest travel video we venture off from the cozy confines of our base in Sapa, Vietnam to explore the village of Lao Chai renowned for its Black Hmong tribe.

This trek almost didn’t happen. Forty eight hours prior I was barfing out of my ass and mouth with a vicious case of food poisoning. Although we had tried pumpkin soup several times, at this one particular restaurant, something wasn’t right with the soup when I had it alone that afternoon. The next few days were spent lying in bed, as though I had been run over by a mack truck, alternating with stints in the bathroom. To say it wasn’t pleasant would be a massive understatement. Already we had to delay our trek by a day and with an upcoming train ride to Hanoi with a flight leaving the country, it was now or never. Although, I didn’t feel anything close to 100% I finally put my foot down making a final decision: we’re going!

We ended up joining a group of travelers at nearby hotel where we were met by our local guide. As we descended down what was a fairly simple path we quickly deviated to a far more narrow trail that was more challenging of a hike.

After several hours of passing through smaller villages where we witnessed farmers tending their rice fields, water buffalo docilely wading in mud, and young villagers playing games while hopping around; we finally reached a point where we could see far off in the distance a pedestrian bridge, which would lead us to where we would have lunch.

Along the way a group of ladies wearing handmade traditional black leg warmers, embroidered overcoats, and regional hats followed our group asking a plethora of personal questions with the intention of trying to sell us trinkets later on during lunch hour.

Overall, this was the first part of our trekking adventures:

Hike to Lao Chai Village (Black Hmong Tribe)


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