Hiking to Seoul Tower via Namsan

On a gorgeous fall afternoon Audrey and I decided to hike up Namsan mountain to witness the best views in all of Seoul only available from Seoul Tower – formerly known as Namsan Tower.

It was a steep climb as we walked past some residential areas to finally get to the Cable Car section.  Upon arrival, we decided not to take the cable car even though we showed some nice footage of it ascending and descending up and down from Namsan mountain.

We couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous colors of fall as the leaves were scattered on the ground.  Surprisingly the hiking trail wasn’t nearly as crowded as I had initially expected.  It’s rare to find a hiking trail in Korea that isn’t crowded with people.  Typically, I enjoy searching for trails that are not popular, so that I can feel more at one with nature.

While climbing Namsan, we spotted a cat on the prowl that was camouflaged well by the leaves; its graceful movement would allow it to go undetected by most.  Unfortunately, wildlife spottings along Namsan are few and far in between.  One of my only regrets about the hike was the meal we had prior to ascending the mountain.  Sometimes we have a clamoring for western fast food, but seriously choosing McDonald’s wasn’t one the most clever moments of the day.

Along the way we show you views of Seoul city and high speed clips of Korean couples walking up and down the mountain. Overall, it was a very rewarding experience climbing Namsan and we treated ourself to a visit to Seoul Tower and a cable car back down the mountain afterwards.

Hiking to Seoul Tower via Namsan


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