VIDEO: Hogmanay in Edinburgh #BlogManay

In our latest travel video we showcase the amazing Hogmanay New Year’s celebrations, fireworks, torchlight procession and musical performances that we witnessed to ring in the New Year of 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Some of the top highlights included partying on the streets while drinking and dancing to music, attending performances (such as the Pet Shop Boys), watching the magnificent fireworks display and checking out a traditional Scottish band playing live music.

From contemporary music to traditional bagpipes the event felt like a combination of modern and historical.

It was certainly the best New Year’s party I ever attended. It’s something I’ll never ever forget.

Video Script:

Yes! Yeah! Hey! Arrrgghhh!
Cheering and bagpipes playing. Marching noises in the background.
Yeah! Cheering.
So we’re here for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. It’s going to be the biggest New Year’s celebration I’ve ever attended.
Chelsea Dagger playing. People cheering.
Scottish music playing.
Live music playing and people clapping in the background.
What time is it? It’s almost New Years. The countdown is on.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Wooohoo! Oh Wow!
Fireworks exploding with music in the background.
Pet Shop Boys song live.
Pet shop boys music with clapping sounds.
Cheering and clapping. Woo!
Music playing.
So we’ve seen plenty of people in really cool costumes. There has been Power Rangers. Tella Tubbies and even Bananas.
Singing to the music.
I never!
Music and firework sounds.

Celebrating New Year's in Edinburgh, Scotland for Hogmanay

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