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Aside from Bangkok, I can’t think of a city I’ve visited more often in Asia than Hong Kong. As a hub to get around the rest of Asia and a wonderful city to explore on its own, I’ve been spoiled by great weather every visit. However, upon arriving with Audrey we experienced stormy conditions and the threat of a typhoon that kept us indoors for several days.

With clear skies we jumped at the opportunity to explore the city on foot. Heading from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island we first stopped at Hong Kong Park to wander around and take part in a tea appreciation ceremony.

With a plethora of free activities to consider in the city, adding a tour around Hong Kong Park to your itinerary is an absolute must.

Video Script:

Visiting Hong Kong Park and participating in a Chinese Tea Appreciation Ceremony

So it’s finally a beautiful sunny day here in Hong Kong, so today we’re visiting Hong Kong Park.

So it’s one hundred and five steps to the top. We’re going to show you some views of Hong Kong and I’m going to beat because he’s too slow.

It was definitely worth climbing up all those stairs even though I lost because these are some of the best free views of the city.

I’m kind of hoping Sam gets wet here. Get wet Sam.

So we got to Hong Kong about three days ago and it had been raining non-stop for those three days but now the skies have finally cleared so it’s really nice to be able to walk around and enjoy the park..

Oh, it’s too fat. Oh! That squirrel is in trouble.
It’s so funny.

So we’ve signed up to take part in a few different cultural activities while we’re here in Hong Kong and today we’re doing a Chinese tea appreciation ceremony. This is taking place in Hong Kong Park.

There is a little tea house just in the center of the park and it’s absolutely free of charge. You just need to sign up in advance through the Hong Kong Tourism board.

Visiting Hong Kong Park and taking part in a Tea Ceremony

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