VIDEO: Exploring Insadong Street in Seoul Korea

In our latest travel video we venture of to one of our favorite areas in Seoul, known as Insadong street (인사동) on a quest to experience Korean culture, buy some Korean souvenirs, have our caricature drawn and sample plenty of Korean street food.

The video captures all of the action on the busiest pedestrian street in all of Seoul, South Korea.

You’ll notice several time lapse videos of the Korean and foreign pedestrians walking down the street along with a Korean man dancing and several other distinct moments.

Insadong is one of the top places in Seoul to sample Korean street food and/or witness Korean folk/street performers.

Some of the Korean street food we spotted included giant walking cane shaped chips, waffles, hotteok and various kinds of dried seafood.

A small crowd huddled beside a talented Korean man showcasing his calligraphy skills on the side of the main strip.

Although Insadong is extremely crowded with pedestrians, we still spotted a few animals and birds including a cat eating out of a traditional Korean bowl.

While wandering down the bustling street we noticed young Korean men and women holding out Free Hugs signs.

Naturally we both decided to receive a free hug; however, it was kind of awkward. I’m not entirely sure ‘why’, possibly because we were filming, but I think the young Korean lady who gave us both a hug felt really awkward.

While shopping Audrey noticed a matching couple Korean mask set along with some other cute Korean socks.

In Seoul, couples often buy matching outfits, socks, hats and/or anything else as a way of showing love for one another.

Although, it may seem a little cheesy as an outsider, it’s just part of modern day Korean culture that embraces all things ‘cute.’

For our new YouTube channel we decided to find a place where we could have our caricature drawn.

After posing for several minutes it was time for us to see the drawing for the first.

We both instantly loved it. My over-exaggerated forehead and Audrey’s gigantic teeth certainly made us chuckle.

Overall, it was a wonderful way for us to spend our last weekend in Korea. We ended up doing some shopping for our friends and family back home and we tried to absorb as much Korean culture as possible because we have no idea when/if we’ll be back in Seoul again.

Have you visited Seoul before?  Are you interested in checking out Insadong?

Exploring Insadong street for Korean food and culture in Seoul, Korea

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