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Even though it is only the middle of September the weather in Dublin has been rather chilly. Raining more often than it being sunny we’ve been seeking out comfort foods that will help keep us warm and satiated. One of the dishes we’ve been most keen to sample is Irish Stew. Consisting of potatoes, mutton and various kind of vegetables it the kind of stick to your ribs meal that is perfect for this time of year.

Video Script:

I’m really excited about lunch today. I’m trying something for the first time called Irish Stew. And that consists of mutton, potatoes and onions. And it is considered to be sort of a peasant type of meal. But considering how cold it is outside. It has been hovering around the 15 degree mark and it has been raining a lot. This is the perfect kind of food to help warm us up.

So like Sam was saying the main ingredients in an Irish Stew are usually mutton, potatoes and onions but you can get a little bit fancy with the recipe and start adding different vegetables.

So what I have here actually has carrots, celery and a few different herbs and spices. So I can’t wait to try that. I’m really hungry.

Mmmm. Oh my gosh.

That is really nice.

Like it is actually really cold outside. It’s been raining all day so it is really nice to be inside, sitting in a pub and enjoying my stew.

Wearing your new sweater.

Grab some meat over there.

Yeah, this is just the kind of meal I’m craving on this type of day.

So we’ve already talked a bit about the ingredients that you’ll find in an Irish Stew. And something that is really cool is that sometimes they add Guinness to it.

So what else can you tell us about stew? Well, I’ve actually almost finished my plate so it is delicious. Also the meat was very soft and tender so I imagine it has been boiled and simmered for a couple of hours.

And yeah, it is just a really great dish if you find yourself in Ireland try it out.

So give us a price point for Irish Stew. So at the place we’re eating here we picked it up for 9 Euro at a lunch special. But keep in mind this is the city centre of Dublin and I’m guessing in the countryside it is considerably cheaper.

Irish Stew taste test in Dublin, Ireland

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