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Recently we’ve spent over a month in England and Ireland. For breakfast, on a typical day, we’ve been eating the likes of eggs, sausages, bacon, and fried potatoes. It’s basically been an all-star assortment of savory types of items washed down with tea. Now that we’ve found ourselves in Milan, Italy it’s a whole other story. After consulting with some locals and doing a bit of research online, we’ve realized Italian breakfast is a sweet affair. Coffee or cappuccino paired with something sweet (pastries, cakes, breads, jams) is what a local would have more often than not. With this in mind we visited a cafe recommended by a friend to sample some sweet Italian breakfast.

Video Script:

Well good morning from Milano, Italia. We are here in Italy. It is our first day, so we have gone in search of the Italian breakfast. Now we weren’t entirely sure what an Italian breakfast looks like so we did a bit of research and asked around and apparently it is just a coffee and anything sweet. So that could be pastries, bread with jam, cake or cookies. So we’ve sat down at a little cafe and we’re going to have our first Italian breakfast.

So my beverage of choice today is the cappuccino because it is a very cold day. And why not have some frothy coffee. It’s a cold day. When is fifteen degrees considered cold? Look at the way I’m dressed. I’m cold okay?

Ooh, that is nice. Excellent cappuccino. Nice and rich and frothy? Mmmm.

Indeed. Wanna try some?

So this breakfast reminds me a bit of breakfast in France and also in Argentina. A sweet way to start the day and I have to say it is a quite a huge contrast and change from what we were used to in England and Ireland where we were having full savory breakfasts. With eggs and sausages and mushrooms. Lower calories and a lot sweeter.

And this pastry here I’ve selected, I honestly don’t really know what it is. What made me select it was that I saw walnut bits. And hey, I’m a huge fan of walnuts so I don’t know what is inside. It looks like it might be apple. Let’s find out.

I thought it was going to be prunes. Mmmm.

No, no no. That is like pecan pie. That’s pecan filling inside. Let’s see the inside. Oh wow!

That is so delicious.

Oh, it’s like having pecan pie.

Pie for breakfast. He’s a happy boy.

And what do you have over there?

Well, this is the pastry I chose. It is a little twisty one with chocolate chips.

That is really good. It is very buttery and flaky. And you just can’t go wrong with chocolate chips this early in the morning. I’m a fan.

So we’re going to be here for a week in the Lombardy region and I can’t wait to try as much Italian food as possible. It’s one of my favorite cuisines.

And last but not least, price point? Well, this delicious breakfast for two came to five Euros and that included two cappuccinos and two pastries. So not an expensive way to start the day.

Yeah, talk about value. Mmmmhhmmm.

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