Kayaking the Whitsundays

Slowly but surely we’re starting to shed the label of being considered as ‘travel wimps’ afraid to try anything adventurous.  In the past year we’ve gone sea kayaking in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam and around Kimitoon Island in Finland.  When we noticed kayaking was a popular activity for those based nearby the Whitsunday Islands, we were thrilled to try it again for the third time.  You’d almost think at this point we’re kind of becoming experts at it 😉  Blessed with gorgeous weather we really got to appreciate just how stunningly beautiful this part of Queensland, Australia really is when witnessed with your own two eyes.  The following is our kayaking day adventure with Salty Dog.

Video Script:

It is amazing the kinds of new hobbies you can pick up while on the road.

Over the last year we’ve had the opportunity to try kayaking in both Vietnam and Finland.

When the opportunity came to try it in the Whitsundays with Salty Dog we jumped at the chance.

At times it was hard to concentrate on paddling given the spectacular scenery of the Whitsunday Islands.

During the outing we also got to spend a bit of time relaxing on an island with a pristine beach.

Overall, we’d recommend sea kayaking to just about anyone given that it is a safe and fun activity.

Kayaking the Whitsunday Islands

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