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This is a travel video of us exploring the enormous Kek Lok Si Buddhist temple of Supreme Bliss (极乐寺 or 極樂寺) located in Air Itam, Penang, Malaysia. With elements of Mahayana Buddhism and Chinese traditions it’s one of the largest Buddhist temples in all of SE Asia. In order to get there we took bus number 203 from Komplex Komptar for a forty minute journey getting off at Air Itam market. Within walking distance we first had to pass several shops selling souvenirs and trinkets before we finally entered into the temple.

Video Script:

Today we are here visiting Kek Lok Si temple and this is the biggest Buddhist temple in all of Southeast Asia. In order for us to get here we had to go through a bit of a market.

I’ve never seen so many turtles in one place.

Today we are visiting the Temple of Supreme Bliss and I’m feeling particularly blissful this morning. Let’s have a look.

This impressive temple took nearly twenty years to build and was funded almost entirely by donations. Even today they’re doing more renovations.

This temple is located on a hilltop in Air Itam and it offers excellent views of the city below.

How sweaty are you? I have rivers flowing down my body. Your shirt seems quite appropriate now. I am hot. I’m hot!

These temples here combine Mahayana Buddhism and Chinese rituals.

That concludes our tour of the temples here. For anyone who would like to come you can take the bus 201, 203 and 204 from the Komplex Komptar – basically the main mall from George Town and it is about a 40 minute ride to here. Overall, the temples are pretty cool. It is very much commercial but I guess that is to be expected.

But enough about the temples now it is time for lunch.

Visiting Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple

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