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For dinner we headed off to visit Angkor Palms restaurant located in the heart of Siem Reap – just off of Pub street – to try their highly recommended platter 8 course meal set that included Amok, Mango Salad, Fried Spinach, Fresh Spring Rolls, Green Coconut Chicken Curry, Spareribs Pork, Rice and Banana Tapioca pudding for dessert along with a coconut and mango smoothie. It was a glorious feast that satisfied our taste buds and then some. Coming in at $14 for the meal and $3 for the drinks it was a pricier meal (by Cambodian standards) but having the opportunity to have an authentic Cambodian dinner with multiple courses made it well worth it in our opinion.

Video Script:

Today we are having a feast of a dinner. We are at a Cambodian restaurant and we have just ordered ourselves an eight course meal.

This restaurant is called Angkor Palms and it is highly recommended, so we have high expectations for this meal.

Right now I am trying the fresh spring rolls and I think they have rice noodles inside, so let’s see. Woah, that is a mega bite!

That was a really good spring roll. It had some very fresh and zesty flavors and a little bit of seafood as well; so far so good.

Next up, we have the spare ribs and these do look good. It just melts in your mouth.

Next up we are trying the Amok, which is one of the most popular dishes in Cambodia. Amok is fish that has been coated in a coconut cream and then baked in a banana leaf. Did it hit the spot? Um-hmmmm. And she takes a second bite before I get any.

This is the one thing that I’m probably the most excited about – the homemade green curry with chicken. I’ve got a slice chicken. Wow, I can really taste the curry. Once again, just like the spare ribs, it just melts in your mouth and I barely even have to chew. Is it coconut based? I don’t think it is that strongly based, no.

Up next is our shaved mango salad, which has some peanuts and mint leaves on top. Sweet? It is sweet? It is also nice and crunchy because of the peanuts. It has some nice spices and is really flavorful. You just took a second bite. And last but certainly not least is the fried water spinach. That is tasty. It has kind of a butter-y garlic flavor.

Time for dessert. Tell us what you are having? To finish off we’ve got a sweet little treat – a tapioca based pudding with banana. Oh, take a big bite. Oh yeah, it is so sweet and so good.

We have finished our feast of a dinner. I must admit, when I first saw the platter being brought over I thought ‘hmmm, is this for two people? I think I could probably eat my own but in the end we still have food leftover. That was just so much to eat. It was so tasty but it was really filling at the same time.” So, it was good stuff – it was a good dinner.

The 8 course platter is $14 for two people. For those who want to come here this restaurant is located right in the heart of Siem Reap nearby the Central Market. You can’t miss it.

Eating a Khmer 8 Course Dinner in Siem Reap, Cambodia


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