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While wandering around in Battambang – on our first full day in the city – we noticed traditional Khmer temple music from off in the distance, and as we approached our guest house it became louder, so naturally we explored a Buddhist temple on Khmer New Year (Cambodian New Year). Inside of the temple we noticed lots of Cambodians celebrating with festive food and incense. Special fruit was prepared along with various kinds of other dishes and sugar cane juice. Bowls were lined on a table where locals were giving rice (know as alm or almsgiving) to the monks. Children were laughing and playing and we even spotted rosters feeding. We live for these kind of random travel moments, where we step outside of our guest house not knowing what kind of adventures we’ll encounter. For those interested in experiencing Cambodian New Year (Khmer New Year) it takes place April 13th to 15th which is the end of the harvesting season for farmers.

Video Script:

Today is Khmer New Year and this is actually the third New Year we’re celebrating this year. We’ve already done the traditional one on January 1st, then we did Korean New Year and now we’re doing Cambodian New Year and we’ve got music in the background. Let’s check what is going on.

We’ve been hearing this music all the way from our hotel, so initially we thought it was coming from the market, so we went down there to check it out but it turns out it is from one of the temples over here.

One of the things that we really enjoy about travel are these unexpected moments. Stumbling upon this celebration for the Khmer New Year was a lot of fun.

There is a lot of festivities taking place at the temple. We’ve noticed a lot of families out and about today. There is monks. There is music. There is food. Everything is going on here.

Celebrating Khmer New Year in Battambang, Cambodia

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