Khmer Traditional Folk Music at Angkor Wat

In our latest travel video we showcase a group of Khmer musicians performing Traditional Khmer Folk Music (Cambodian Folk Music) nearby Ta Prohm temple located in Temples of Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

As we explored the Temples of Angkor, climbing and admiring ancient Khmer ruins were not all that we had to contend with.

Outside of the temples – Khmer children and adults – peddled trinkets, souvenirs and refreshments. Sometimes their aggressive nature can be a bit of a turn off. After a while you kind of get desensitized to the constant pleads to ‘Buy something, Mister’ and/or ‘You buy from me – promise?’

One of the more pleasant forms of encounters with locals is at the entrances of several of the most popular temples.

Victims of land mines converge to play classic Khmer folk music for those entering and exiting from the temples.

The talented musicians entertained crowds passing through the main temple gate entrance.

Khmer classical and folk music is highly influenced by Hindu and various other styles from nearby regions.

Some of the most popular instruments used include the ching (cymbal), roneat (bamboo xylophone), pai au (flute), sralai (oboe), chapey (bass banjo), gong (bronze gong), tro (fiddle), and various kinds of drums.

Other instruments include hing (cymbal), roneat (bamboo xylophone), pai au (flute), sralai (oboe), chapey (bass banjo), gong (bronze gong), tro (fiddle), and different forms of drums.

The performances are free of charge; however, donation boxes and the option of purchasing a cd are available.

In this type of situation I’m happy to donate money. It is for a good cause and the musicians are providing a pleasant experience for everyone to enjoy. What I never succumb to on the road are aggressive attempts by unscrupulous touts offering nothing in return.

This kind of Cambodian folk, classical and traditional music can be heard by anyone visiting around the various temples; however, you are more likely to catch a performance if you visit one of the more popular temples.

Land Mine Victims playing Khmer Traditional Folk Music at Angkor Wat

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