VIDEO: Korean Beer & Chicken

In this travel video we head out in the evening to enjoy a quintessential Korean feast that includes a generous sized portion of deep fried and glazed Korean chicken along with an enormous three liter jug of beer (맥주 & 닭고기) in what was a very fun night out.

For those who have spent any time in Korea, it should come as no surprise that we finally visited a Korean chicken house and filmed a travel video. I used to think Canadians and Americans loved their fried chicken; well, when I came to Korea, I was in for rude awakening, as Koreans are truly the king consumers of fried chicken along with beer.

In Audrey’s neighborhood alone we counted close to 10 different establishments specializing in fried chicken and large jugs of beer. We finally narrowed it down to one particular restaurant that was cozy and not too crowded.

We ended up ordering glazed deep fried chicken strips along with an enormous jug of beer; the portions ended up being massive – especially the beer.

The chicken wings were delicious coated in a tangy sauce that was both sweet and spicy. Eating Korean food for many years, I’ve come to expect just about every single dish will be spicy and this chicken didn’t disappoint in that department.

While guzzling our beer and devouring chicken, we reminisced about our time in Korea; We’ve only got two weeks left to go before we trade our teaching rulers for backpacks.

As the night wore on and we started to get a buzz, we started playing goofy drinking games while teaching each other a few Korean phrases related to drinking and bar food.

Overall, the meal was delicious although we did order too much beer. I ended up drinking most of it which I certainly paid for (both literally and figuratively) the next morning 😉

I somehow managed to finish all of it though. For this entire feast we paid 27,000W (roughly $27 USD). This was hardly one of our cheaper budget meals, but considering we’re near the end of our teaching contracts we figured we’d splurge a little.

A night out in Yongin drinking Korean beer & feasting on chicken

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