VIDEO: Korean Doll Coffee House

In this video Sam and Audrey go on a date to “Ann House”, a cute Korean café where you get your own private booth. To say this place is girly is an understatement. We were greeted by men in button down shirts and aprons, the walls and sofas were covered in pink floral prints, the chandelier above us sparkled, and Korean love songs played in the background.  In other words, it was the perfect scene for a romantic date for the two of us. Queue the canoodling!

These cafes are very popular among Korean couples, and many of the rooms were filled with lovebirds enjoying their afternoon.  I personally love how Koreans embrace things that are cute and even borderline cheesy.  It’s one of the fascinating aspects about the culture here that is quite different from back home in Canada.  If you’re looking to visit one of these types of cafes, I highly recommend taking the time to visit them on foot before making a firm decision.  Other types of quirky cafes are huge in Korea as well.  For those without pets, but are animal lovers, it’s possible to visit cat cafes in Seoul or dog cafes in Hongdae or Gangnam districts.  Although, I enjoyed going to the Doll House Cafe with Audrey, my preference is definitely playing with cute kitties or doggies.  If that doesn’t tickle your fancy you could consider checking out one of the many traditional types of tea houses in Insadong.

We ordered cheesecake and an Oreo chocolate ice cream shake from their menu, and then proceeded to take lots of cheesy photos of ourselves.  The food was delicious and the photo shoot turned out surprisingly well.  Now that’s a Sunday well spent!

Korean Doll Coffee House

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