Korean Fusion Food

In this travel video we take you on a tour of our favourite fusion restaurant in Korea (Han’s Deli) where we order cheese over baked spaghetti, chicken fingers, assorted fries and garlic bread.

We were very satisfied and thrilled to have recently found a franchise located in Audrey’s district of Yongin.  One of the servers who works there is thrilled whenever we drop by for lunch or dinner; he always offers us free soft drinks and other free small side dishes to go along with our meal.  It’s no wonder we frequent Han’s Deli as much as we do!  When he noticed we were taking pictures of our food and making a video, he came over to help us with it.  You’ll notice him here in the video 😉

The food at Han’s Deli is best described as western food with an added Korean twist.  In Korea, these types of establishments are called ‘fusion’ restaurants.  Although they don’t serve ‘authentic’ foreign food, it’s close enough most of the time.  In fact, sometimes it’s even better than the original.

Han’s deli specializes in pastas – and boy do they ever pile on the cheese – and chicken dishes.  Our cheese oven spaghetti was like an erupting volcano of cheesy goodness.  The chicken tenders lived up to their ‘tender’ name.  The garlic bread was pretty close to being spot on authentic.  Overall, the meal was delicious and quite filling given how big the portions were.

One of our favourite aspects of this Korean restaurant is that it serves delicious western food at affordable prices. Many chains in Korea that serve western or foreign food are very expensive.

We enjoy our high carb meal paying less than $15 in total for it.


Korean Fusion Food

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