VIDEO: Korean Kimbap Restaurant


In this travel video we visit Audrey’s favorite local eatery in Yongin, which happens to be Kimbap Restaurant (김밥식당) where we order Kimchi Fried Rice and Spicy Tuna Soup (김치볶음밥 & 참치찌개) two familiar dishes we both love.

On a cold winter’s day, only a hearty Korean meal would be sufficient for our ever grumbling tummies.

Considering we are saving hard for our next backpacking adventure, we decided to visit Audrey’s favorite Korean fast food joint.

These kinds of kimbap restaurants could roughly be interpreted as Korean fast food joints; however, even though the prices are cheap and the food is fast it’s much healthier than western fast food chains found in Korea.

Two of the most popular chains found throughout Korea are Gimbap Heaven (김밥천국) and Gimbap Land (김밥나라).

Aside from eating Korean street food having a meal at a Korean kimbap restaurant is your cheapest option for a Korean meal.

Many aspects of eating at a kimbap restaurant are do it yourself; for example, empty cups are available for filling up water and your chopsticks, spoon and fork are usually kept under a drawer under your tiny table.

Being creatures of habit, we both decided to go with our favorite Korean dishes from this particular establishment.

The Korean fried rice I ordered (김치볶음밥), came as a mountain of red stained rice saturated with fried kimchi, onions and other vegetable toppings. A fried egg was carefully placed on top. As I dug my spoon into the egg, the yolk poured out and covered the rice giving it a distinctly rich sticky texture.

Audrey’s Spicy Tuna Soup was the dish she was craving. As somebody who minds the winter (and especially the cold temperatures) more than I do, she’s constantly eating hearty Korean stews, soups and other types of soul food that sticks to your ribs during these brutally harsh winter months.

Overall, we loved the meal feeling full but paying less than $9 USD. For anyone coming to Korea to teach we recommend you eat at Kimbap restaurants frequently as a way to save money and enjoy a satisfying meal.

Eating Kimchi Fried Rice and Korean Tuna Soup at a Kimbap Restaurant


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