VIDEO: Korean Meal in Chiang Mai

In our latest travel video we head to a Korean Restaurant (Korea House) in Chiang Mai to satisfy our urge to eat Korean food by devouring Kimchi pancakes/pizza (김치전) and Pan Fried Dumplings (군만두). These are two of our favorite Korean dishes and seeing them before our very eyes, once again, cast our minds back to when we first started dating in Korea.

Having left Korea only three months ago, we’ve honestly really missed eating Korean food more than we ever would have anticipated. Although, we certainly enjoy Korean food, we both often dreamed of Thai and Indian curries while living as teachers in the former Hermit Kingdom.

Whenever we’ve had a clamoring for Korean food we’ve tried our best to find a Korean restaurant in SE Asia. A couple of months ago we had an amazing feast at a Korean restaurant, Daebak, in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

This meal, although delicious, didn’t compare to that incredible experience; however, the food here was definitely good.

One funny quirk about this restaurant is that it charged for the side dishes which are ALWAYS free at Korean restaurants in Korea. We found the portions quite generous, but since we had eyes bigger than our stomachs, we ended up ordering a second round of everything! That was a big mistake as we left feeling bloated as opposed to comfortably full.

It was a complete diet fail for me, the guy who is supposedly trying to lose the blogger belly once and for all this summer. For me, it’s always comfort foods or cravings that cause me to temporarily fall off the wagon, when it comes healthy eating and/or dieting.

Overall, the meal cost just over 300 Baht (roughly $10 USD) for the initial course and 200 Baht more for round two (just under $7 USD). Compared to local Thai food in Chiang Mai, it’s definitely a bit of a splurge; hence, we won’t be eating here too often.

If you’re looking to visit this restaurant it’s located on the Northeast corner of the gated city center. It’s nearby Mike’s Burgers and El Diablo Mexican restaurant.

Eating Korean Food for lunch in Chiang Mai, Thailand travel video


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