Korean New Year’s Dinner

This is a travel video from our special Korean Lunar New Year Dinner (Seollal 설날) where we eat Chapchae and Mandu (잡채 & 군만두) that we’ve cooked at home in Audrey’s Korean apartment in Yongin.

For those who are not familiar with these two dishes, Chapchae is a form of Korean mixed vegetables featuring sweet potato glass noodles, mixed vegetables, sesame oil and sugar, whereas Mandu (also known as Korean dumplings) are typically filled with kimchi, meat, noodles and vegetables and can be steamed or pan fried.  These are easily two of our favorite foods in Korea; although, finding chapchae can be quite challenging at times considering it is typically only served in Korean Chinese restaurants or on special holidays or occasions.

One of the toughest aspects of being a foreigner living overseas is during typical holidays from back home that aren’t celebrated in your host country.  The flip side of this though is that you get to celebrate the local holidays that you would have never been exposed to had you stayed back home.

The meal was a delicious treat as we normally don’t cook at home. In this video you can see us frying, stirring and preparing the food. We then sit down to slurp the noodles and munch on the dumplings.  You always know you’ve created a decent meal when you hardly talk at all 😉

One thing unique to Korean culture is that food is shared on one dish, as opposed to be individually served for each person. We enjoyed it local style just picking it off the plate as we pleased.  I couldn’t think of a better way for us to have celebrated the Korean New Year.

Korean New Year's Dinner


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