VIDEO: Korean Train Ride to Cheonan

In this travel video we take Subway line number 1 (Korean Metro / Train) on a short ride from Pyeongtaek 평택to Cheonan 천안.

Given my uncanny ability to miss trains by a hairsplitting second, I was quite relieved that we literally made it on board mere seconds before the doors shut. Quite typically trains heading south from Pyeongtaek area rarely full considering major hubs such as Anyang and Suwon are the last major transportation hubs along this line. Thus, we were fortunate enough to have our own seat; a luxury we’re seldom provided when taking the train in the opposite direction en route to Suwon or Seoul.

Not long after we sat down, a Korean man pulled out a paper fan from a box and started demonstrating its use in front everyone seated. These kinds of sales pitches/demonstrations are extremely common when taking the subway in Korea. I’ve seen Korean men slice and dice apples in front of me and others selling masks to protect from pollution and smog. Sometimes the demonstrations involve items that are ever cheesier if you can imagine; these are things I would never purchase let alone accept as a complimentary free gift.

However, given how hot it was on this particular summer day, I ended up buying a fan from the Korean man. It was the first time I ever bought something on board a subway in my entire life; hopefully it’ll be my last. The fan served its purpose as we furiously waved it back and forth to help cool each other down.

The reason we were headed to Cheonan revolved around two specific activities we had planned for the day. Firstly, we really wanted to try eating Korean walnut cakes known as Hodu Gwacha 호두과자 in Cheonan where they originated from. Secondly, we planned on visiting a large Buddhist temple that was located outside of the city limits in a scenic mountainous area.

Overall, our train ride was very brief; a welcome change from our often two to two and half hour jaunts to get from my Korean apartment to Seoul.

Taking a train in Korea bound for Cheonan via Pyeongtaek


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