VIDEO: La p’tite France – a taste of France in Lima

La p’tite France – a taste of France in Lima

Thanks to Audrey’s Aunt we had the opportunity to sample some delectable French baked goods from La p’tite France in Lima, Peru. As an up and coming artisan French bakery it specializes in traditional French delicacies using local ingredients found from Peru. We sat down with the founder/owner to discuss the concept behind his business, the best selling items and to sample a spread of tasty treats over a cup of coffee. If you’re seeking to eat a quality croissant, baguette, brioche or pain au chocolat you’ve come to the right place.

Address: Jr. Gonzales Prada 599, Surquillo, 00000 Lima , Peru

La p'tite France - a taste of France in Lima

La p’tite France – a taste of France in Lima

Travel Video: La p’tite France – a taste of France in Lima

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Video Script:

So we’ve been eating lots of Peruvian food while we’ve been here in Lima but today we’re doing something a little bit different. We got a recommendation from my Aunt to come here to Surquillo where they have a little French bakery. It’s called La p’tite France and it is in a really up and coming area, so we’re going to go inside and eat some French pastries.

Okay, so right now we are sitting with Simon who is one of the owners of La p’tite France and we’re just going to be talking a little bit about the project they having going on here.

So can you tell us how this idea came about to open a French bakery in Lima?

Yeah, the point is just like I move here like 2 years ago with the idea to start a business in gastronomy. I was just like trying to find a good like business I can do trying to use the French traditional way of doing things. So if there is something missing here it is like a good bread. And the main idea was to do the French way by the old style fashioned. To do the bread but with the local ingredients.

And now can you tell us what are some of your most popular breads and pastries that you sell here? Yeah, definitely it is like the French. Like the typical French things because as I said before we are just saying a like the typical French things. Like the croissant and the baguette. The typical French bread. And I think now maybe we’re going to try some pastries since we’re already here.

Okay, so we have a nice sampling of French pastries and breads in front of us. We have croissant, we have pan au chocolate, we have all kinds of stuff so now it is time to sample them. Yes, taste test.

Okay, so what are you trying first? So I’m trying the brioche with apple and cinnamon and it looks delicious. You can see there is a generous amount of apple right inside. Look at that. You have icing sugar all over your face. That’s a good sign. Tasty? You can really taste the apple. You can tell the quality of the pastry is really good because it just melts right in your mouth.

So I’m going for the classic pan au chocolat. It is kind of like a fluffy croissant with melted chocolate inside. So let’s see if you can get it to focus on there. Can you see the layers in there. Yeah. Oh la lah. Let’s take a bite.


Oh yeah. That’s a nice dark chocolate. And I’m normally not a fan of dark chocolate but when it is all melted and gooey inside it really works.


So the last one for me to try is a dessert croissant with almond paste. You can see there is a nice thick layer right at the bottom there.

Oh yeah! I love anything with almonds. And the thing is like I think we’re going to be eating dinner soon but we’re probably not going to have much of an appetite after having all of these snacks. Hahaha.

And I’m saving the best for last. I actually forget the name of this one but it is a lot like a croissant with all of the layers and then it has chocolate inside and also something called crema pastelera and unfortunately I don’t know the name in English but it is really good. And I love this in pastries. Mmmm.

So nice. The bread is so airy and fluffy. It’s like biting into a cloud that is filled with chocolate. How is that?

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