VIDEO: Lanterns Restaurant in Nha Trang

After a long train ride from Saigon to Nha Trang, we decided to reward ourselves with a tasty Vietnamese meal at a nice restaurant.

Lanterns is one of my favorite restaurants in Vietnam, a place I discovered with my parents while traveling here in 2011. Initially I couldn’t find where it was. I thought for sure I knew exactly where it was located given my previous visit only two years ago; however, it has since moved to a new location not far from the old one.

It was absolutely packed when I came back here with Audrey for the first time which was hardly a surprise.

One of the reasons I love it so much (aside from the awesome food and service) has to do with contributions the restaurant makes around the community helping to feed those who are less fortunate and providing assistance for children at orphanages. Whenever we can, we like to support businesses that are involved in the community and give something back to those in need.

Our dinner consisted of Vietnamese lemongrass tofu and clay pot shrimp.

We had high expectations for the lemongrass tofu, a dish we first tried together while exploring the Mekong Delta region of Southern Vietnam.

The dish served at Lanterns didn’t disappoint although it was quite different from the one we had previously with more of a sweet and sour taste. Although it was tasty, I preferred the dish we had while touring the Mekong Delta in a small restaurant on our way back to Saigon.

The caramelized clay pot shrimp was amazing! With every bite the sweet caramel flavor oozed through every morsel of shrimp we put in our mouths. It’s hard to go wrong with anything that is caramelized.

Overall, the meal was fantastic and we plan on heading back soon to try their hot pot which we’ve heard is excellent. This is definitely a restaurant we recommend highly for both its fantastic food and dedication to help those less fortunate.

Gorging on wonderful Vietnamese food at Lanterns in Nha Trang, Vietnam

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