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When you visit Vegas and get fully immersed in all it has to offer – gambling, nightlife, food, shopping, sightseeing and day trips – it seems as though your trip has merely just started by the time you have to leave. With just one night to make the most of last few hours in Las Vegas we hit The Strip to gamble at casinos, take in some live music at a popular nightclub, watch a free water show performance and capture as much of the brights lights that this big city has to offer. We couldn’t have possibly packed in more action on our final night in Vegas and we wouldn’t have had it any other way šŸ˜‰

Video Script:

It is so sad to be leaving but it is our last night in Las Vegas so we’re going to go out and try and see as much as we can this evening. Let’s go wild. Let’s gamble.

Why are you at the ATM machine right now? We need some cash to fuel our gambling addiction.

It is never ending. The lights. The noise. The ding ding ding ding. This is what a casino sounds like twenty-four seven. We see people gambling here at like five in the morning when we get up for breakfast. And yes we do get up that early.

What would a trip to Vegas be like without a little gambling? Sam, even looks like an old gambler today with that hat. Oh, I do. Guess what? We’re such cheapskates we’re playing with pennies. We’re going to the penny machine. They don’t even have pennies in Canada anymore, so let’s use these American pennies up.

Shiver me timbers. I’m playing a pirate game. I’m going to win me some money.

Tell us? Alright, I was a pretty lousy pirate, so I’m going to try my luck with this Owl game. Hoot! Hoot!

Ding ding ding ding ding. Being the supreme cheapskate that I am I’m cutting my loses after two dollars.

So we’re here at the Bellagio for the water show. And they have a lot of frequent shows in the evening so we’re just waiting for it to start.

So we are now at the Cosmopolitan and we are visiting one of the coolest bars in all of Las Vegas. This behind me is the Chandelier.

The best of Las Vegas at night

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