VIDEO: Leaving Korea From Incheon Airport

This is a travel video of us carrying our heavy backpacks to a local airport limousine that escorted us to Incheon International Airport, so that we could fly with Air Asia from Seoul, South Korea to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to start our backpacking adventures.

Our trip to the airport didn’t start off well. Firstly, we were both clearly under-dressed and the bus was late to arrive. When it finally arrived the Korean driver was most unaccommodating in helping us get our luggage into compartment. Matters didn’t improve as he drove the entire way to the airport like a kamikaze fighter pilot.

Along the way we spotted numerous planes taking off and landing along with some massive docked cargo ships.

We could hardly contain our excitement upon arriving at the airport. Twelve months of working diligently as teachers and bloggers had finally paid off with a backpacking trip of lifetime awaiting us.

Finding our Air Asia ticket booth was a breeze, as Incheon Airport is one of the most modern and service oriented airports I’ve ever visited. In fact, if I had to create a shortlist of my three favorite airports Incheon would certainly be on it and possibly even rank as number one.

Up until this point we’ve taken many buses and trains together but this would mark our first flight as a couple.

We got an absolute steal of a deal, booking in advance, and paying less than $200 each for our flights to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Prior to taking off we noticed several special Korean performances including a traditional marriage ceremony.

Finally we say goodbye and get ready to board our flight with Air Asia:

“We’re leaving on a jet plane and never coming back again!”

Actually, I’m certain our days teaching and/or traveling in Korea are not permanently over; however, it’ll be a while before we come back šŸ™‚

Leaving Korea from Incheon International Airport en route to Malaysia

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