VIDEO: Longsheng Rice Terraces

Hiking up Longsheng Rice Terraces (Longji Dragon’s Backbone) in Guilin, China (龙胜梯田 – 龙脊梯田)

Video Script:

Here we are at the Longji Rice Fields which are located just outside of Guilin. We’ve had such good luck. Check out the weather and the views behind.

So we are hiking up to one of the viewing platforms. This is going to be tough because it’s like forty degrees outside and we’re been told it’ll take 30 minutes to one hour depending on our pace. So I’m trying to stay hydrated. Audrey is going to have to workout today.
Awwwww. It’s tired. It’s so cute. Hello!

I don’t know. Update number two. Still struggling. even sweatier but we’re slowly gaining ground.
Watch out! You may die along the way. And there is someone behind you.
Sam over here just met a cat. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Who can meow the loudest?
Well, thankfully we’ve been training for these steps at our hostel. We’re on the fifth floor so we’re used to going up and down the stairs everyday. And we tend to forget things which means we have to run up and down multiple times a day. True story.
We just went the wrong way so now we have to go down all of these steps. And back up.

Well, that concludes our sweat fest. I mean trek. It was great I just wish it could have been twenty degrees cooler.


Hiking around the Longsheng Rice Terraces in China

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