Love Locks at Seoul Tower

In this travel video Samuel and Audrey profess their love for one another atop Namsan (Seoul Tower).  Professing our love for one another and then locally eternally is a very popular things couples do in South Korea.  The long hike up Namsan mountain made the occasion even more memorable.  Don’t think you’ll have this locked love all to yourself.  The wall of love is indeed filled to the brim with en-scripted padlocks.  The sheer weight of all of the love locks is starting to take its toll on the wall as it appears to be getting warped and possibly ready to collapse.  So much for the eternal factor 😉

Regardless, lovers from afar can either bring or buy one, write a heartfelt message, and lock with countless others who have come before them. We write messages for one another on the locks with Audrey’s being far more poetic and neatly written. Samuel on the other hand, looks like he asked a 5 year old to scribble on his. We then find a spot to secure it.  In the future when we return to Korea – either for a visit to potentially teach English – we both hope that it will still be there in its same position.

This is a popular destination for couples in Seoul ranging from locals to tourists.  The walk up Namsan is quite romantic in the fall when the cool wind blows in your face and all of the gorgeous colors of fall delight your eyes. The wall / fence is quite enormous and if you can actually find ours we’d be more than willing to treat you to dinner before we leave Korea 😉

Love Locks at N Seoul Tower, Korea


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