VIDEO: Made In Home lunch in Sofia, Bulgaria

Today’s feature travel video from Sofia, Bulgaria is from a popular restaurant ‘Made In Home’ where we sampled Rakia, Bulgarian beer, carrot soup, goat cheese cranberry/fig salad, fish and fig cheesecake for lunch.

Although we only had three full days in Sofia, we quickly realized this city is a gourmands paradise.

From four cheese pizzas to towering cones of gelato we ate often and we ate well.

One of our favorite restaurants was an artistic gem called Made In Home.

With a funky artistic decor and waiters sporting long bushy beards, it didn’t take long for us to realize this was the kind of quirky place we’d enjoy having lunch.

First up, we sampled Rakia: a popular Balkan 40% ABV alcoholic beverage consisting of fermented fruit

Not knowing it was this potent I was in for a bit of surprise on my first sip as it burned going down my throat; however, as I sampled more I enjoyed the fruit flavor that reminded me of some Korean liquor I had tried in Seoul.

The first appetizer, a goat cheese salad with greens, cranberries and figs was my favorite part of the meal. The generous thick slabs of goat cheese were still warm and added the perfect salty compliment to the sweet flavors of the dried figs and cranberries.

Next came our main dish, a whole trout with potatoes drowning in a rich cream sauce. By the time we finished off the last bite of trout we were absolutely stuffed; however, as often is the case, a waiter wielding a slab of fig cheesecake tempted us to try dessert.

Overall, the meal at Made At Home was delicious and filling. We ended up paying roughly $30 USD, which for Bulgarian standards (and our usual frugal nature) is a bit of a splurge meal. Yet, when I consider we had three drinks, two appetizers, a main and a dessert it was still what I would classify as being a good value meal.

For those would like to try a bite at Made at Home check out the restaurant address below:

Angel Kunchev str. 30, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria

Goat cheese salad, trout and rakia at Made In Home in Sofia, Bulgaria


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