VIDEO: Medieval lunch at Olde Hansa

We are in Tallinn, Estonia this afternoon and we have decided to stop for a Medieval feast at a restaurant that is called Olde Hansa.

Video Script:

As we’re just about to get Medieval on you we’re waiting for a fair Maiden to come take our order.

And what might you be drinking over there sir? With my Medieval sized cup I have a Medieval portion of root beer inside. Oh, take a sip of that! Oh wow, that’s genuine root beer. I can taste root. That’s not the artificial stuff you get back in Canada. Really? I want to try some.

So if you come to this restaurant you get a drink that is called the Monk’s bride. Cheers. Now let’s see what this tastes like. Mmmmm. Oh, it’s very sweet and concentrated. A little bit like cough syrup. Is this liquor? Is this alcohol? It must be! It smells really good. It smells like cinnamon a bit.

Over here I have ordered myself Neptune’s feast and if you look down at the plate we have some grilled salmon, some smoked salmon, a little cute fish, some hummus with caviar, we have quail eggs and some delicious rye bread. So let’s dig in!

Let’s try some of this. It looks so good. I don’t even like caviar but I’m going to eat this because it looks amazing. Oh yeah. That is some amazing garlicy hummus. I’m so happy. Save some for me!

This is a darker bread. It appears that there is some kinds of seeds and nuts in it. I’m also going to try some hummus on top. Oh, wow. Amazing isn’t it? I forgot what good bread tasted like. Fresh out of the oven.

Eat the little fish! Come on! Oh, with its tail and everything. Well? It’s really salty. Your favorite? No.

I feel like I should cut this down the middle. So this is a quail egg? Or maybe I should just stick it in my mouth. Pop it in – one go. A little hummus for extra flavoring. Oh, it’s like white inside. It tastes like egg.

Let’s see how that salmon tastes. It just melts in the mouth. If I had to eat salmon every day the rest of my life I wouldn’t be complaining.

That was a delicious feast and now it is time for dessert. We are having some kind of rose pudding which has flower pedals on top. You can have a flower pedal. Is it sweet? Oh yeah. What does it taste like? It’s creamy and fluffy and sugary. It’s like eating cloud.

A big spoonful. It’s like clotted cream with sugar. It is. It kind of reminds me of kind of a soft cheesecake filling.

Medieval lunch at Olde Hansa in Tallinn, Estonia

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  • Hanna says:

    I’ve eaten many times in this restaurant, but more for the atmosphere inside than for the food. There are better restaurants to eat in Tallinn. But the building is genuine medieval house and it is a nice atmosphere restaurant for dinner on a cold winter evening.

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