VIDEO: Mekong Delta Travel Images

Long touted as the ‘rice basket’ of Vietnam, the Mekong delta offers a wonderful array of activities for those who take to time explore its murky waters in the southern region of Vietnam.

In the following travel slideshow montage, we share with you our favorite travel photos from our time exploring the Mekong Delta.

In late April we crossed over from Cambodia to explore the southern region of Vietnam. After a quick stopover in Saigon, we quickly turned our attention to the Mekong Delta.

After doing a bit of research we decided go with a company specializing in tours for this region. Although we spent a bit too much visiting tourist attractions and traveling by van, we did enjoy when we had the opportunity to visit floating markets by boat.

From our experiences paddling down the cafe au late stained waters wearing our Vietnamese conical hats to our adventures visiting local Vietnamese floating markets we attempt to offer a glimpse of what it is like to be there in person.

One of our favorite experiences during the tour was on our final day when we had the opportunity to visit a remote Cham Island situated not far from the Vietnam / Cambodia border. What made the experience unforgettable was our encounters with friendly locals who were thrilled to have their photo taken. We noticed school children pedaling along on their bicycles, while elders sat around playing cards and drinking tea. The laid back pace of life on the island was truly refreshing.

If we could have done the Mekong Delta over again, we would have not done a tour; however, hindsight is always 20-20, and even though our tour was less than stellar, we managed to enjoy this scenic part of Vietnam.

It’s the type of region we recommend you explore interdependently (we did a tour) as you’ll have the freedom to skip overly touristy activities while lingering longer in places you find fascinating.

Mekong Delta Travel Images

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