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In an effort to thwart packing on pounds over the winter holidays, I’ve been braving the harsh elements by going outside for daily exercise. Audrey’s family home is nearby Professor’s Lake in Brampton, Ontario and much to my surprise a large population of Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks (with a few seagulls thrown in for good measure) have been calling this area home as the temperatures in Canada hit subzero.

My daily jogs and walks around this lake have made me feel this sort of kinship/affinity with these migrating birds and during my last weekend in Brampton I decided to hit the supermarket in search of bread to feed them.

The following is a travel video where you’ll notice me feeding Mallard Ducks and filming the migrating Canada Goose:

Video Script:

Happy New Year guys! Right now I’m making my way over to Professor’s Lake which is in Brampton, Ontario and I’m going to be feeding some geese and ducks that are migrating south.

So they’re in for a real treat today guys because when I went to the grocery store today Rudolph’s Dark Bread. Bavarian bread was what was on sale, so they’re getting the best of the best.

So as you can see they’re all clustered over there in a circle and some of them are flying over here already. I can’t wait to start feeding them.

The Canada goose, native to arctic and temperate regions of North America, has a black head and neck with white patches on its face and a brown body. It is extremely successful at living in human-altered areas given that food is plentiful and it has few natural predators. During the cold winter months Canadian Geese migrate south like Canadian snowbirds, what we call Canadian citizens who head south to the United States to escape the harsh winters. Loud harsh calls overhead from large groups of Canada geese flying in a V-shaped formation signal the transition into autumn and spring.

Feeding Mallard Ducks and watching migrating Canada Geese

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