VIDEO: Misadventures in Cachi, Argentina

Misadventures in Cachi, Argentina

Sometimes travel doesn’t go as planned. Other days are simply a disaster of a trip. Our particular trip to Cachi, Argentina qualifies for the latter. It started off poorly when Audrey felt altitude sickness as we ascended up the mountain in our tour bus. Her heart was racing and she felt short of breath. As we got near the top of the mountainside she ended up vomiting several times. After visiting a local doctor and being on oxygen for a bit she started to feel a lot better. Our journey, however, didn’t improve as our vehicle broke down several times. It kept overheating and we spent more time on the side of the road than we did touring the places we were supposed to visit. All in all, we ended up trying to make the most of the day by playing a bit of imitate the cacti šŸ˜‰ Sometimes things don’t work-out the way you’ve planned and the best thing you can do is just go with the flow.

Misadventures in Cachi, Argentina

Misadventures in Cachi, Argentina

Travel Video: Misadventures in Cachi, Argentina

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Video Script:

So good afternoon from the town of Cachi. Today we took a side trip from Salta. So we left really early in the morning. We were up at seven thirty and we drove through lots of different landscapes actually. Getting to Cachi involves going through jungle, desert, gorges. And there was a fourth one that our guide mentioned that I can’t seem to remember at the moment. But either way it was really scenic. We just arrived at the town. We had a nice lunch. So yeah, we’re going to go for a little tour I think.

We actually don’t have a lot of footage today because someone decided to get a little bit sick on Valentine’s Day over here. What happened? The altitude wasn’t so great today. It hasn’t been an issue up until now but today your heart was racing. You had a little bit of an accident outside of the van. I puked on a mountaintop. Yep. But anyways, we don’t really to talk about that. Let’s just keep showing you the town. You’re feeling better now and that is what is important, right? I’m much better. Yes. Let’s enjoy the rest of the tour. How about it? Yes, that sounds good.

(Banging drum and singing)

Always filming, always filming.

Oh, you’re sweet. Oh, look at you. You have a few scars on your face. You’ve been getting into fights, haven’t you? Haven’t you. Haven’t you.

So Sam it looks like today we’re getting the extra long version of the tour. Yeah, our bus is broken down in the middle of the road. Now we’re just waiting for basically a rescue bus to get back. Yes, waiting in the desert. Yep, surrounded by cacti. We do have some pretty nice views though so it is not all horrible.

So this isn’t ideal terrain for a game of hide and go seek but we can play let’s imitate the cacti. Oh, yeah.

So we made it down the mountain and I think our mission has turned from sightseeing to just getting back to Salta. Yeah, let’s just get back to Salta. We still have something like eighty kilometers but I feel like the hardest part of our journey is now over. Yes, we haven’t made any of the touristy stops we were supposed to make on the way back. It’s a survival journey. Survival today. Good way to put it. Yep. On Valentine’s day.

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