My Korean Apartment in Anseong, Korea

Recently I shared with you a tour of Audrey’s apartment in Yongin and in this travel video I give you a tour of my Korean apartment in Anseong / Pyeongtaek, Korea. My apartment in Korea is very standard – small space, high rise, etc. Before taking us on a tour I shows you my candy cane green stripped socks; an early Christmas present from Audrey 😛 If that wasn’t quirky enough I takes you into my Korean bedroom before having a bizarre dance party with my girlfriend Audrey.

Once that is over I show you my kitchen which is nearly bare aside from a few condiments. After demonstrating my skills at picking up a butter knife with chopsticks I bring you to the bathroom. A typical Korean bathroom is wet on the floors and flip flops are necessary to move around. The bathroom is atypically clean which is a certainly atypical; after-all, I’m anything but Mr. Clean 😛 Next up is a tour of the spare room which is more of a storage facility than anything else; however, I do show off my swanky new orange camera bag that I purchased to carry around my Sony dSLR. Finally we take a look at my balcony where the laundry machine is located. Views from the outside reveal rice fields and a parking lot; certainly nothing spectacular at all compared to Audrey’s balcony. As per usual, there are plenty of bloopers at the end.

One of the major advantages about both of our apartments is the close proximity to our respective schools.  On foot, I can reach my school in less than 5 minutes.  Audrey is just a stone throw away from her private academy which she can reach by walking less than 2 minutes.  It makes going to work that much easier.

My Korean Apartment in Anseong, Korea

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