My Korean Apartment in Yongin

Audrey gives us a tour of her Korean apartment in Dongbaek – Yongin, South Korea.  As English teachers we’re provided an apartment by our respective schools.  Compared to my apartment Audrey’s officetel is far more modern and smart in terms of features; however, it’s not nearly as spacious as my Korean apartment located in Anseong.  Overall, our apartments in Korea are quite standard.

The very first apartment I had was merely a shack on top of a roof.  Thus, I’m quite pleased that we both have such comfortable living spaces here in Korea. For the apartment tour, we start by entering the apartment which has a padded code automated door lock. Once inside she entertains us by playing music with her Ukulele; don’t you think she’s quite skilled? 😛  Afterwards, we’re given a tour of the kitchen, fridge (with Dulce de Leche), bed, couch, closet, toilet and bathroom.

Dulce de Leche is a caramel milk type spread that originated in Argentina.  I first had this delicious spread while traveling in Buenos Aires back in 2010.

Anyhow, getting back on track, one of the more interesting features is the heated toilet.  During the winter time when the weather hit subzero temperatures, the heated toilet is a welcome addition! Finally we show you views from the apartment.  From this particular vantage point we have a great view of her neighborhood.  One of our funniest and most humorous memories was watching a couple of Korean men sunbath on top of an apartment during the summer.  I doubt they realized anyone was watching them from afar.

The apartment Audrey has is best classified as a studio.  These kinds of Korean officetels are common for young single adults throughout the country.

My Korean Apartment in Yongin


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