VIDEO: Pan con Chicharrón at La Lucha Sanguchería

Pan con Chicharrón at La Lucha Sanguchería

Peruvian cuisine is diverse enough to suit any kind of craving. When we’re in the mood for something a little bit greasy and filling we usually head out for a Pan con Chicharrón (Braised Pork Sandwich) with fries (Papas Fritas) and a strawberry fruit smoothie (Batido de fresa). It’s a winning combo 😉

For lunch we headed to La Lucha Sanguchería, after numerous recommendations, to try this classic combo. With a diner like atmosphere, quick turnover, and big crowds it’s a lively place to grab a bite just across from Kennedy Park in Miraflores, Lima.

The food didn’t disappoint as the portions were huge (we just ordered one set to split between the two of us) and left feeling like we could loosen our belt buckles just a tad 😉

If you’re in the mood for some Peruvian fast food definitely give this a try.

Pan con Chicharrón at La Lucha Sanguchería

Pan con Chicharrón at La Lucha Sanguchería

Travel Video: Pan con Chicharrón at La Lucha Sanguchería

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Video Script:

So it is dinnertime here in Lima and we are at a place called La Lucha which specializes in sandwiches so we’ve ordered a Chicharrón sandwich which is like a fried pork. It should be really tasty. We are waiting for our food to get here. And yeah, let’s get started.

So our food has arrived. Yeah we’ve got our Pan con Chicharrón. It’s looking good. It looks amazing. If you look down here you really get a good tour of what we have. So we’ve got a bun and inside it looks like we’ve got lots of onion. I’m guessing it is sweet onion. Yeah. Then we have the fried pork and then the kamote – the sweet potato. Exactly. So that looks like a pretty awesome sandwich. Let’s try it now. Yes.

Alright, it is my first bite. Mmmm.

It’s so good. It’s so good. You know what really makes a sandwich. I mean the meat is awesome it is really good quality but it is the sweet potato. I love having sweet potato in my sandwich. That’s an unusual ingredient but it works doesn’t it? It does.

Look at that. Oh. So it is now my turn to taste the magic. The magic in your hands. Wow. That is wonderful. I think my favorite part is actually the onions. So are they more sweet? Sweet and I think. I wonder if it has a little bit of vinegar. It’s a little sour which I really like. Oh no, lemon. I think it is lemon drizzled on the onions. That is what it tastes like. Mmmmm.

So so good.

And of course we had to get a side order of fries. Yeah, because no sandwich would be complete without a healthy portion of fries. And these are really crispy looking fries that you can actually still have the skin still on them. Yeah. So we’ve got three different dunking sauces. I have no idea what they are. So I’m going to try them one by one. Let’s try this one first. That’s like a tangy tartar sauce. And the fries are really tasty. Yeah, I’m guessing this is ketchup. Yes. Hmmm. Was it? He guessed correctly once again. But it is sweeter than North American ketchup. Yeah. And last one – I’m thinking that might be. I’m going to guess mayo. Good guess. You nailed that. Bingo.

Alright, and to wash it all down I got this strawberry smoothie. Mmmm.

Which is really like thick and frothy and sweet. You can tell they use fresh strawberries. It’s really good.

So how much was it for that good greasy meal? Alright, so that delicious feast of a meal was 30 Soles which in the current exchange rate is actually less than 10 US dollars that included our huge sandwich, our fries and a strawberry smoothie that was delicious. So not bad, right?

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