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For a fun video that we could make in the comfort of our Thai apartment here in Chiang Mai, we decided to participate in a series called passport tag where you answer travel questions related to your passport stamps and visa.

Recently, Audrey watched a video from Expat Kerri where she participated in passport tag. Given how much travel we’ve done this year, we figured we’d join in and create our own video.

The questions were as follows:

1. What is your most recent stamp?
2. What was your first stamp?
3. What’s your coolest looking stamp?
4. What’s the most meaningful stamp?
5. What was the most difficult stamp to get?

Our most recent stamp was just a few days ago as we had to do a Visa run to Myanmar to extend our Thai visas. The journey was as expected (we’ve done this before): we crammed into a packed minivan, rode on a serpentine road (with a kamikaze driver) and played tipsy toes over an artificially created line. It was a full day affair; we left early in the morning and by the time we got back to Chiang Mai is was close to 6 pm. Why on earth a better system isn’t in place for these types of formalities is beyond my comprehension. One of the passengers was more than a bit nutty. I explain more in the video and I plan to write a full post on the experience, so I won’t go into too much detail here.

My first stamp, many moons ago, was in Japan. Prior to teaching English in South Korea, I went on a two month trip to Japan/Korea in the summer of 2004 to see if I wanted to pursue a lifestyle of teaching and traveling abroad. This trip was instrumental in planting the seeds for a nomadic lifestyle. Had I not gone I might be sitting behind a counter in Canada counting pills, as I originally planned on being a pharmacist if you can believe that.

Recently, my coolest looking stamp was the Visa I got for Laos. It’s a classy looking stamp and given that Laos is one of my favorite countries in SE Asia this was an easy one to pick.

My most meaningful stamp was a recently minted one in Turkey. Having the opportunity to finally explore Istanbul was a dream come true. I’ve wanted to visit Turkey for well over a decade; moreover, it lived up to the hype and I got to spend time with my two favorite ladies: Audrey and my Mom.

The most difficult stamp for me to obtain was my Visa for Bangladesh. Although the procedure to get the Visa wasn’t overly arduous getting to Dhaka from Kolkata certainly was. On the most crazy bus trip of my life I finally made it to Dhaka having felt lucky to have survived the journey. Traveling in Bangladesh, where one will encounter some of the friendliest locals on earth, certainly more than made up for it. I’d definitely go back again but most certainly I would fly as opposed to taking the bus.

How about you? I’m really curious to know about your passport and travel experiences in relation to the five questions above. Please let me know in the comments section:

Here is Expat Kerri’s Video: Passport Tag

Playing the fun game of passport tag in this travel video


  • Will says:

    Very cool ! Can’t show you any, still caring for my ‘eternal dog’. But …someday !!

  • Cynthia Oei says:

    Hi! Happy to post some answers too here :
    1. Kuala lumpur (malaysia) 01 Jan 2014
    2. Singapore, June 1992 :D, 2 days transit before heading to USA for 1 month holiday
    3. Perhaps Cambodia stamps because of the 2 tone colour stamps which is very rare for me to get
    4. USA…because it’s my first out of the country experience (I live in indonesia :)) and yet everytime wanna go back there, something always came up. hopefully 2014 I can make it!
    5. Australia stamps. Back in 1999 my visa application got rejected while the other 9 ppl in my family got approved. I swore that I never ever want to try to apply again. But in 2012 I’m so tempted to go to Sydney. So finally I applied, prayed (!!!) and got the visa. The Sydney stamps officially in my passport in nov 14th, 2012 😀

  • Here are my answers–from a couple of passports.

    1. What is your most recent stamp?

    2. What was your first stamp?
    First one ever? Egypt. A long time ago. Incredible trip!

    3. What’s your coolest looking stamp?
    China. Looks pretty.

    4. What’s the most meaningful stamp?
    Ecuador. It’s where my life completely changed.

    5. What was the most difficult stamp to get?
    The Syrian one! I had to submit a lot of paperwork and it was expensive. $130, I think.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences Lisa!

      Out of all the countries I visited in South America I was most rushed in Ecuador. I hope to spend more time there on my next visit.

      Some of the countries in the Middle East are a nightmare when it comes to obtaining a visa!

  • This sounds like a lot of fun, lets give it a try:

    1. What is your most recent stamp?
    Aug 4, 2013
    Re-Entry into Korea. I live here, so after every trip, I get a re-entry visa whether I have a long term permit or not.

    2. What was your first stamp?
    Aug 5, 2009 (wow, coincidence)
    Entry into Mexico to visit my extended family. This is actually my first American passport, which I got in 2009 when I became a citizen 🙂

    3. What’s your coolest looking stamp?
    Cambodia. Yes it is on arrival and yes it is filled out in pen. But I don’t have any other visa that is signed by Lt. Col. Sreng!

    4. What’s the most meaningful stamp?
    Has to be Korea. I know it is probably a very common response, but it has been my home for years! It started a direction in my life that I never expected when I first responded to that “would you be interested in working abroad” email.

    5. What was the most difficult stamp to get?
    If I had to pick one, China. China might be full of culture and natural wonders, but their immigration system makes you wonder if they want tourists at all. They are unfriendly and it costs 180 USD for Americans.

    I had fun reading other peoples responses!Great video

  • Fun idea!

    1. Guatemala
    2. US (layover in Miami)
    3. Hmm. Probably Myanmar. It takes up a whole page (but it’s still a stamp and not one of those sticker visas)
    4. Japan. My first time travelling in a non-Western country. Caught travel bug there.
    5. My Vietnam stamp. I misread the date and overstayed by a day – and couldn’t leave the country without suffering through 2 hours of nonsense at the border (e.g. “you have to see the station chief but he’s not here”, “you have to pay a fine but the treasury is 4 hours away”). Finally got my exit stamp after giving $80 and signing a handwritten ‘contract’ on a blank piece of paper that I wouldn’t sue anyone about this.

    I don’t travel just to collect stamps but something that bums me out a LOT is that my passport got wet, so now most my stamps are all washed out 🙁 Aww.

    • Cool stuff Marek!

      I’m still seeking a Myanmar stamp. Hopefully this year!

      Wow, the Vietnam situation sounds intense. I wish they had a more flexible Visa similar to most other countries in SE Asia. Malaysia is my favorite for that. They just stamp you in and you get three months as a Canadian!

  • Expatkerri says:

    Thanks for sharing my video here and for doing the passport tag!! It’s such a fun way to talk about all the cool things that happen just before entering a country 😀 You’ve done sooo much travelling this year!!!

  • Mike says:

    This is SO much fun! I only have stamps from Mexico and Canada but that will be changing soon in a couple years when I’m able to start traveling full time. Another great Vlog, Samuel and Audrey, and I will be clicking back to read the thread of comments of folks experiences! And there’s nothing worse than being stuck on a bus with a batty passenger 🙂

  • Maria says:

    Great idea and I can’t compete with Bangladesh but here goes:

    1) Spain
    2) Ireland
    3) Cambodia (visa)
    4) Czech Republic
    5) Canada (had to plead with a [HOT] Canadian immigration officer)

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