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In our latest travel video we venture outside of bustling George Town downtown area for a bit of a solitary retreat at the Penang Botanic Gardens (Taman Kebun Bunga) aka as the waterfall Gardens located on Jalan Air Terjun (Waterfall Road) on Penang, Malaysia. With a lush green setting, rolling hills and cheeky monkeys, the gardens are a popular attraction for both locals and tourists. We both marveled at the way the monkeys behaved throughout the park climbing, leaping, eating, sleeping and even fighting. On a quest to find the main waterfall we kept encountering tiny ones. We even noticed several monitor lizards slithering along the ground. Overall, we had a great time and would do it again.

Video Script:


Today we are visiting the Botanical Gardens just outside of George Town.

If you look up over there you can see some monkeys. Actually there is another one there. That one is easier to spot. That looks like a bearded one.

Hi monkey.

So Sam let’s talk about travel mistakes. How did we mess up today? Well guess what – I hardly brought any money today and as we were taking the bus to come over to the Botanical Gardens I just figured that out and I’m like ‘oh no’ we’re totally not going to be able to get in but luckily it is free! That is good because I didn’t have any money on me either. I never carry around cash. Well, thank you for that.

We woke up kind of late this morning and we were worried that it was going to be too hot by the time we got here but fortunately this place is so shady and lush and it is so much fresher than it is in George Town – especially down the side trails. It is so much cooler.

We’ve been on a quest for the main waterfall and just as soon as we thought we found it – it is just this humble little thing. Wow! Impressive! Amazing!

This one is still not what I envisioned but I think it could be it. It looks a bit more grand. What do you think? Maybe, maybe.

False alarm yet again. It is showing here that this is the way to the waterfall. Let’s go find it.

It is nap time for the big boy. Well, third time is a charm. We have found the actual waterfalls that were outlined in the park guide but not quite as we expected. A little trickle. A trickle falls. Voila! Want to jump in for a dip? Nah.

Visiting Penang Botanical Garden

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