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Lately, our travel/food adventures have taken us to nearby parks in Lima or restaurants in Miraflores; however, we’ve yet to show you a typical meal we’d have at home. With this in mind, we share with you today a typical Peruvian breakfast consisting of two main staples: Tamales and Pan Con Chicharrón

Tamales are a traditional breakfast item consisting primarily of masa (a starchy corn-based dough), steamed in a banana leaf wrapper that is discarded before eating. You can get them stuffed with all sorts of fillings including cheese, chicken and pork.

Pan Con Chicharron is a crispy savory pork sandwich featuring slices of cooked sweet potato (Kamote) and sour onions. The combination of savory, sweet and sour is unbeatable.

When visiting Peru be sure to try these for breakfast!

Video Script:

So good morning from Lima. We’ve been showing you guys a lot of street food, a lot of traditional meals but today we’re bringing you into the home to show you what a Peruvian breakfast looks like.

And that is what I got right here. Today we are sampling two traditional breakfasts. We’re going to be having Tamales (which is what you see over here) and we’re also having something called Pan Con Chicharrón, so let’s just dig in because I’m starving.

This is my favourite food item Tamale. And it is time for the big unveil.

So here we have the dish and I am so excited to dig in. So in case you’re not too familiar with Tamales it is actually a starchy corn dough which is wrapped in a plantain leaf and then it is either steamed or boiled. You can get it with different kinds of meats so we ordered chicken and pork today and by the looks of it this is the chicken and it also has got some black olives in there. So I’m going to dig right in.

So yeah, this is a really nice savory and starchy dish. It is a really nice way to start the day because it is a very hearty breakfast, it fills you up for the rest of the day and it just tastes so good. Man, I’m going to have one more bite. I’ll be lucky if I get one bite of that. Yeah. It’s all mine. Mmmm. You going to have one more bite for the fans? I’m good. Hahaha.

So Sam what are you having for breakfast today? For my Peruvian breakfast, I am having Pan Con Chicharron. And if that is not a handful enough of a word this looks like a pretty big sandwich. Look at what we’ve got here. So, I’m going to open it up for you guys here. What it appears to have is onions and a generous portion on the other side of the patty of sweet potatoes which are called Kamote. And I have to say about the sweet potatoes here in Peru, they are especially sweet and good quality. Mmm. And what about the meat? So the meat is pork and it is called Chicharrón because it is really nice and crispy. It sounds like the perfect sandwich to me.

Alright, my favorite part of every food video – the first bite. Mmmm, yeah. That meat is amazing and when you pair it with the sweet potato that is an all-time winning combo. I love this. I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, whatever. Mmmm.

And this looked too good so I wanted to try it as well because I’m hungry that way. Is that your way of basically kicking me off as a presenter. More or less, right? Mmmm.

That is a winning combination. This may be my new favorite breakfast item actually. Wow! It just knocked off the other item, the Tamales?

Give me a second to finish chewing. Alright, so what I like about this one is that you have the savoury pork – the Chicharron – then you’ve got the sweet potatoes but also the onions in the sandwich have been soaked in lemon so there is a nice sourness to it. So you have all of these flavours mixing together and it is just like a party in my mouth. And the quality of the bun is really good too. So yeah, you put those nice ingredients. That sour, sugary ingredients with a nice quality bun. It is so good. Oh man, I know. And that is supposed to be mine. So um, you’re only getting one more bite. It better be a big one then. Make it worthwhile.

That’s what is left.

We’ve had a very patient third member in this food video. Dog Maki. And I like to refer to this cute little dog as the goose of silly. It has so much energy and when we bring it to the table to give it a little bit – is it Chicharron? -he is going to be over the moon excited. Let’s go get him. He’s got quite the appetite. Let’s go get him.

Eating Peruvian breakfast in Lima, Peru

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  • lyn barden says:

    Hi Sam, I love sweet potatoe. the Pan con Chicharron looks and sound delicious, and I like the sound of the corn based dough for the tamales. Does the banana leaves keep all the flavor in during the cooking?

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