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While traveling in Peru and sampling many different kinds of Peruvian cuisine, we thought it would be a great idea to sit down and do a complete Peruvian food taste test. After raiding a local Wong’s grocery store and a few corner stores nearby the comfy confines of our apartment in Miraflores, it was time to let our taste buds take over.

The Peruvian snacks we selected are typical things you would find anywhere including Peruvian snacks, Peruvian junk food, Peruvian chocolate bars, Peruvian chips, Peruvian wafers, Peruvian sodas and Peruvian candies just to name a few. When it comes to eating sometimes our eyes are much bigger than our stomachs 😉

Overall, when considering things to do in Peru, I can’t think of anything better than tucking into the local favorites. Peru (and Lima in particular) is the foodie capital of South America and trying many of these snacks for the first time was an adventure for our taste buds. Watch us as we react to the food. The following is a comprehensive list of all the things we tried from sweet to salty:

1) Chifles – Salty banana chips
2) Chin Chin – Chocolate cookies with colored sprinkles
3) Andean Native Potato Crisps – Purple Potato Chips
4) Inca Kola – Peruvian Cola that golden, refreshing and sweet
5) Perita – Pear candies that taste more like banana
6) Cua Cua – Chocolate covered Peruvian wafers with a duck logo
7) Doña Pepa – Peruvian cookie with chocolate and sprinkles
8) Camote – Sweet potoate chips that were really salty
9) Inka Corn – Peruvian corn nuts flavored with artificial cheese
10) Yucca chips – Starchy chips made from the Yucca root
11) Sublime – Peruvian White Chocolate with peanuts
12) Chicha Morada – Sweet purple corn juice that is refreshing
13) Sublime con leche con mani – Peanut milk chocolate
14) Besos de Moza – Krembo chocolate cookie with marshmallow

Out of all of the foods we taste tested I liked the Inca Kola and Besos de Moza the most while Audrey was infatuated with the Doña Pepa. Do you have a favorite Peruvian snack to eat? Let us know in the comments section below.

Video Script:

Well, Hello! Today we are doing a Peruvian taste test. And we’re going to be trying a few different chocolates, snacks, chips and just things we’ve found in a supermarket. We basically raided the aisles at Wong’s which is the biggest supermarket here in Peru and picked up random stuff that looked Peruvian, look authentic. So we’re going to be sampling that and giving you our thoughts.

So first up I’m trying something called Chifles and it looks like it is going to be sliced bananas or sliced plantain and chip form. So let’s open that. Use those big muscles of yours. Oh, yeah. That was relatively easy. That is what it looks like. A salty banana chip. It makes a nice snack. I think if you’re at a bar waiting for your beer to get there you can be snacking on these and some peanuts. Pretty good. Thumbs up for Chifles.

Alright, I’m trying Chin Chin. Chiny freakin’ chin. So I have no idea what these are. I’m guessing cookies. And it looks like they may have some sparkles on them, so let’s open it up. Let’s open it up. Yep, I was right and they are shaped liked. I mean it is round shaped. It looks like a cookie. Time to try it. Mmmm. Would you like a cup of tea with that? I could use some. You know what, since coming to Peru I’ve been quite dehydrated. It is really humid here, so I could use any source of water. But yeah, these are good. Definitely sweet and you taste the chocolate and you really taste the sprinkles. It is not an overpowering taste though so a nice little cookie to have maybe as an afternoon snack. Approved.

So next up I’m trying Andean Native Potato Chips. So according to the back these are going to be multi-colored potato chips. So I’m expecting purple potato chips here. I bet they are going to be dark purple. That would be my guess- dark purple almost black. Okay, there is two different kinds in the bag. I’m going to show you. Look at this? So there is like red and white potato chips. It looks kind of like sweet potato and then purple and white potato chips. I was totally wrong I was thinking a really dark kind of black potato chip. They almost look like they’ve been dyed with a few droplets of color but this is all natural people. These are real potatoes. Okay, the purple one tastes like a regular potato chip. The flavour doesn’t. Or the colour doesn’t change the flavor rather.

Next up, Inca Kola. And I must say you’re not going to find too many colas around the world that are yellow in color. So let’s crack this open here. So this is what the Incas used to drink right Sam? Oh yeah, of course. You know when they were bottling their beverages back in the day mass producing them. Of course that is what they had. Alright. You know what, this is not my first time to try this and I have to say that most colas around the world, like I mean by specialty colas that are unique to certain countries, I tend not to like. But I really like this Inca Kola. The reason being is that it is not too fizzy or carbonated and when you drink it, it is really really refreshing on a hot day. And most days in Lima are hot this time of year. So does it taste like fanta, ginger ale or any other kind of drink you’ve had before. No, honestly it doesn’t. It really has its own unique flavour and so I can’t even really compare it to something. Maybe sort of like a light cream soda but that is about all I can compare it to.

So next up I found a candy that is called Perita, which means little pear. And even the shape of the candy like it looks like a little pear and it is coloured like yellow and red. It is cute like a little pear. Little multi-coloured pear. There must be like a hundred candies in here. Show me. I don’t think we can finish all of this. Oh, gosh. We’re going to have to share with our relatives. Okay, I’m going to try my little pear. I think it looks like hard candy. I thought it might be a little gummy at first but. Let’s see that. Very cute. Red on one side. Yellow on the other. The perfect time to model my manicure. You did just get a manicure. Why don’t you tell us about that while you’re eating it. Mmmm. This tastes like banana. The yellow side is banana for sure. Interesting. What does it say? It says it is flavored like pears guys. This tastes like banana in my mouth. Maybe our taste buds are little off. Now how about that manicure you just had? Pink.

Cua Cua! Quack, quack, quack! So I think this wafer or chocolate bar here is named after the sound of the duck. And you can see a pretty cool duck. I think it is like you know skateboarding here. It’s acting all hipster. So let’s see how this tastes. Let’s see how this tastes. Yeah, it is definitely a wafer. So let’s try it. Mmmm. Yeah, that is your standard chocolate covered wafer. And compared to a lot of other wafers I’ve tried this has a pretty decent layer of chocolate. So if you’re looking for your chocolate fix this is the wafer for you.

Okay, so this is my next treat. It is called Doña Pepa. And I’m guessing it is a cookie. I don’t know. I just bought it. Let’s unveil the product. Ooh la lah. Or maybe it is chocolate? Woah. I’m dropping all of the sprinkles on the floor. What are those? Are those sprinkles? Yeah. Okay, let’s take a bite. I think it is a cookie. Mmmm, okay. There we go. So it is a cookie. It has chocolate in the middle. The whole cookie is then bathed in chocolate and it has got sprinkles all over the extrerior. And it tastes. And it is really sugary. But I like the crunch of the sprinkles. It’s a fun treat.

And here I’ve got my Camote chips which are sweet potato chips. That’s what you’ve told me. Yes. I wouldn’t lie. And this is the Wong brand. So you said these. This is one of the biggest supermarkets in Peru? In Lima? So, oh yeah, I can totally tell these are sweet potato chips. Check these out. You can totally tell they are sweet potatoes. Wow, those are very very crunchy chips. Um, I think typically when you eat sweet potatoes you sort of associate them with being rather sweet. These are not sweet. They’re salty. So it is kind of an alternative to a potato chip. I think it is a little bit of an acquired taste. I wouldn’t say it is my favourite right now but. Have another bite, maybe it will be. Yeah, not bad. There he has acquired the taste. Hahaha. Oh, my!

Alright, so next up is something called Inka Corn and it is ginormous corn all the way from Cusco. And this bag is cheese flavored. So let’s dig in. So is that Queso? Yeah, Sam has been working on his Spanish eh. Yeah, I’ve expanded my vocabulary from like five to ten words. Okay. Look at that. Look at the size of the kernels. Gosh, those are huge. Let’s put it up by your finger nail so we can get a. Oh, it is bigger than your finger nail. Bigger than your thumbnail. That’s crazy. I have to sneeze. Go ahead. I’m okay, I’m okay. It is just the cheese powder on the corn. It’s that strong? Woah. Clogged up your nostrils for a second. Just for a second. Okay. Have you ever had Corn Nuts in Canada? Have you ever tried that snack? I’ve had that. It smells like from the distance I’m at. It smells a lot like Corn Nuts. Oh, yeah. So I think I might like those. I think you need to chew these rather carefully. Like they’re quite hard. I almost feel like you could break a tooth. You can hear the crunch? Can you hear the crunch? Oh yeah. Yeah, they are a nice little snack. I’ve actually seen that being served at the bar or like at a restaurant before you get your main meal they bring you a little bowl and it is called Canchita. It is just the giant corn kernels. So, yeah.

So next up this is our assorted potato chip bag and we’ve got all kinds. We’ve got regular, we’ve got sweet potato. We’ve got something called Yucca and we have – what is the other one? I think beetroot. Maybe beetroot. Let’s open this up. It should be an assortment of colors. If you can look into here. Have a look. Yeah, you can see all of the different colours. Look at that. So I’m going to try to find. I already did a sweet potato. I’m going to try to find one of the purple ones. Oh, I’ve got one. So here is the purple one. Would this be the beetroot one? Maybe. Maybe. Let’s try it. Really salty. Okay, yeah. That definitely has a bit of kick to it. It’s just different from regular potato chips. It’s like really hard to explain. It tastes so much similar to sort of a regular potato chip but it just got like that little tangy taste. I don’t really know what it is to be perfectly honest. Next one. Alright, let’s try one more. Okay, I’m not sure what this is. I would guess regular potato. You know what I think that might be the Yucca one. Yeah. Yeah. It has a more of a fibrous taste. It’s pretty good though. I like that one more.

Time for the chocolate bar. This one is called Sublime. And it is white chocolate. I’ve only ever had the regular milk chocolate so this should be interesting. And I know the regular milk chocolate comes with nuts. Like peanuts. So I imagine this one will too. You can see the logo. Dadadah. You can see the chunks of peanut. Mmmm. That’s good. It’s not like high quality chocolate but for a regular milk chocolate bar Ido enjoy Sublime.

So next up we have Chicha which is purple corn. And this is one of our favourite refreshing drinks to have here in Lima. And so now we’re going to try it in candy form. Crack that open. And do you know something I’ve been noticing about Peruvian snacks and candy that I really like. And that is that the bags are easy to open. It doesn’t. Like some bags from since we’ve been back in Canada. It’s like a. You have to get scissors just to get them open. These just boom open in one shot which is awesome. Alright, so these are the candies. They are called Chica Morada. Yep. Okay, let’s try the Chicha Morada. Yeah, they are quite small. Alright, so it is kind of shaped like a Halls or something. Like one of those cough candies and a yeah, it is purple. Just like the purple corn it is made out of. That’s really good. It tastes very similar to the drink so I really like the drink, so I really like this. It is sweet. It has a little bit of a. It has a corn taste. It also has a bit of a spiciness taste. I’m not sure what kind of ingredients they put in to give that kind of kick but I really like it. Mmmmm.

So next we’ve got Sublime or sublime. And I’m going to try to read these ingredients. Chocolate con leche con mani which means milk chocolate with peanuts. Alright, let’s open this up. So yeah, it’s a kind of a thick chocolate. You can see it. Chunky chocolate bar. Chunky chocolate bar. Let’s try that. Mmmm. That is pretty decent chocolate. I mean, I can’t compare it to and say it is as good as European chocolate but it surprisingly better than I thought. And I haven’t had chocolate in quite a while, so yeah I’m enjoying this. Another bite. Mmm. I love those peanuts.

So next up we’ve got Besos de Moza which apparently according to translation is kisses from a girl or kisses from a mistress. And you know what, these look so similar to something we’ve had before in Israel called Krembo. So a shoutout to our friends in Isreal. All our Isreali friends who like Krembos. We’re going to see if this is like a Krembo or not. It looks exactly like one. Alright, now it is time to try this bad boy. So should I attack it from the top or from the bottom? I think it is supposed to be from the top if I remember correctly. Mmmmm. Yeah, look at that marshmallow. Mmmm. I think this is the treat I’ve enjoyed the most so far. This is really sweet. And yeah it is a right up there with a Krembo. I wouldn’t say it is better but it is right up there. Now find the cookie. Alright, so that means I need to attack from the bottom. There isn’t much of a cookie. It’s a real real tiny layer. Look at that. It’s not crunchy at all. Wow, that is pretty good. Yum. Probably my favourite snack of all the ones I’ve tried today. We can tell by the crumbs on your lips.

Audrey. Yes. Which one was your favourite? Alright, so this was my favourite. Dona Pepa. And that was the cookie with the sprinkles all over. I just thought it was a really fun snack. Really colorful. Really tasty. I like sweet stuff. Look at you going in for another bite. Hahaha. I actually am. I’m like eying it. Let’s just have another small bite. It’s really good. That was my favorite. And I actually didn’t have a least favorite. Like I thought all of the treats were pretty tasty. Yeah, I think that is a wrap.

So what were your favorites and least favorite? So alright, I had two favorites. One of them being Inca Kola. That is just a cola I really like. It is super refreshing. It is delicious. And on a hot day you can’t beat it. And the other one I really like was the Besos de Moza because I love Krembos and I love those too. That marshmallow and chocolate combo is a winning winning winning combo. Now, in terms of what I didn’t like the sweet potato chips were a little bit dissapointing. I was kind of hoping for something a little sweeter. They were salty and to be perfectly honest I prefer regular potato chips, so that is something I could probably you know not necessarily have again.

And look who we have – a third person to taste test. It’s Maki. Maki the pooch. Maki the pooch. Yes, you get back to scratching. You get back to scratching.

Alright, and that’s a wrap. That’s our Peruvian snack food taste test. And please let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these foods. What was your opinion? Was there anything we left out. Was there something we could have added into the mix. Please let us know in the comments section below. Toodles.

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  • Inca Kola rocks Sam! I recall my days in Cusco and especially Lima. I hit the local stores and stocked up on healthy foods and sweet treats. That kola was about my fave food/drink in Peru. It is refreshing, sweet and quite superior to Coke and other famous colas in the US. As for snacks I did enjoy the purple chips as well BUT ran into some problems as I got food poisoning; thinking it was a bad potato from the market lol.

    Either way though, the large super market/grocery store about a 30 minute walk from Miraflores – forgetting the name – was really A1, first rate and it had as much stuff as I could have ever needed. Lived off of Gator Aid and bread for a few days in Lima and then, I dove into some of the sweet treats and healthier offerings.

    Thanks guys!


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