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One of the few things that has remained consistent throughout my life is an absolute love for pizza. Growing up as a child I would request my Mom make pizza for my birthday. If it was time for take-out I’d voice my opinion to order pizza.

I remember once my parents went away for the weekend and left me with money to order food and do groceries. Well, you probably guessed it by now – I ordered enough pizza to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 days in a row.

Aside from probably explaining my ‘pizza face’ as a teenager I’ve been a fan of pizza even as my taste buds have evolved to the point where I now enjoy all types of cuisine from around the world. However, with that being said it felt special being in Italy for the first time (Milan) with the opportunity to sample pizza from its origin. Come find out if Italian pizza lived up to the high expectations I had for it.

Video Script:

So it is lunchtime here in Milan and we figured why not have pizza when in Italy. I’ve only had pizza once the whole time I’ve been here and it was time to try a few others. So we’ve been walking around the city and we walked by this one shop and we saw they had like these extra thick slices of pizza. It almost looked like a focaccia bread with toppings. So we went in there and grabbed two slices.

Tell us what did you get for yourself?

So I got the one that had salami and mozzarella. And this reminds me a lot of the pizza I had in Buenos Aires in Argentina. These massive thick slices that you would just go into a shop and order. And I think this is going to be delicious. Ooh, time for the first bite.

And I like that has already been pre-sliced into small little pieces for us.

Perfect for lunch at the park.

That’s really good.

Tasty? Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah. Gooey cheese? Oh, yeah.

I don’t even have anything to say.


What did you get on yours?

Okay, so mine has what I believe in mozzarella and some small tomatoes and basil leaves. So it looks really good.

And I was asking the guy who served our pizza, you know, what kind of pizza is it? What style is it? And he called it pizza al trancio. And I looked that up and it basically means pizza by the piece or pizza by the slice. And as you can see it has already been pre-sliced into little portions, so it is perfect for you know just getting it to go, having lunch at a park or eating it outdoors.

Yeah, we’re having it in a park now as it just starts to rain.

So time to try this. It looks wonderful.

Oh my goodness. Wow!

Is that good?

Oh, yeah.

So the dough, I mean it is really thick but it also has a bit of a fluffy quality to it and that is like a thick layer of cheese as well. Like that is a generous amount of cheese. Check this out?

Look at all that cheese.

It kind of reminds me of Chicago Deep Dish style as well.

So the only other slice of pizza we’ve had in Milan so far was the super super thin slice of pizza. How does this over here compare?

Well, you can never go wrong with pizza as far as I’m concerned. But if I had to choose, one of the two, I would go with the thicker pizza. I just love the thick dough and the generous amount of cheese. That is just unbelievable. And you’re getting more bang for your buck so it is more food technically. Yeah, that is true.

And how much did those two slices of pizza cost? Okay, so that was seven Euros total for the two slices. So about three fifty each. Not bad for such a giant slice of pizza, I’d say.

Pizza al taglio in Milan, Italy

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