VIDEO: Preah Khan Temple

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After visiting Angkor Wat we headed over to Preah Khan to explore a less popular (but equally impressive temple) at the Temples of Angkor, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. Immediately, we felt a sense of relief having escaped the enormous crowds at Angkor Wat. It was still early enough in the morning that we had nearly the entire temple to ourselves. Given that it is largely unrestored and has an eerie maze like quality, we enjoyed every moment of wandering around feeling somewhat like we were exploring more than just touring the complex. As our favorite temple, we recommend others to wake-up earlier than normal to come and explore before it becomes inundated with package tourists.

Video Script:

Now we are at another temple called Preah Khan, which means ‘sacred sword’ and this temple is believed to have been a University that housed over a 1000 teachers.

This here is one of our favorite temples. The reason why we really like it so much is that it is just not overcrowded. We’ve come here early in the morning but there is hardly anyone here. It has that kind of eerie feeling to it similar to Ta Prohm but without all of the crowds. You can be walking through and you feel like you’re going through a maze. It is really quite fascinating.

People who have come to this temple have picked up some rocks and stacked them into a little formation and I do believe this has a special meaning in Buddhism.

Preah Khan Temple in Cambodia

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