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After a night of restful prolonged sleep we woke up feeling as though we had already shaken off our jet lag. Feeling recharged we embraced day two in Germany by punting in Spreewald where we were out in nature with ample opportunities to spot wildlife and remote homes located on tiny islands. Our next stop was to the repurposed train station in Lübbenau where we met up with a local artist who had redesigned some of the rooms using themes that represented the local region. Afterwards, it was time for a bit of pampering at Spreewelten where we swam, relaxed and visited numerous saunas. To finish thing off we had a chance to have an up close encounter with penguins with an opportunity to feed them as well. It turns out penguins are a lot like cats in the sense that if you have food you’ve got yourself a new best friend 😉

Video Script:

So good morning from Spreewald! Today we’re going to be punting. And this is something completely new to me but apparently in this area because it is made up of lots of little canals and waterways people have to use boats to get around. And they have these punts which are like flat boats that are propelled by poles. So yeah, we’re just going to be exploring the area and taking it all in by boat.

So that trip was a lot of fun. We got to see some beautiful old homes on islands and we actually saw a fair amount of wildlife too. Now it is time for lunch. We’re hungry. Let’s go!

So, lunch has arrived and I think we may have gone overboard with our order. I got a huge fish platter with different kinds of fish from the area. I’ve also got potatoes with parsley and a nice cucumber salad with some dill. So, yeah, lets bring our appetite.

How is the fish? So, it is a steamed fish. And it is very juicy and very light. So it is a really nice meal especially because we’ve just had breakfast an hour and a half ago.

We like to eat, eh?


It’s delicious.

Okay, so what are you having for lunch? I got a game goulash with cranberries and mashed potatoes. So that looks really good. I love my goulash.

I’ll take a nice big piece.


It is really tender meat. My favorite part about this is the sauce. It has a really rich gravy.

Are you going to be sharing some of that with me?

Probably not.


So right now I’m standing outside the train station here in Lübbenau. And we’re not about to take a trip or anything. We’re here for a different reason. So it turns out a local artist has turned some of the rooms in the train station into kind of like a artsy bed and breakfast. So we’re going to be visiting that and see what a hotel in a train station looks like.

So right now we’re visiting a room called Spreewald a la carte. And it is basically the whole idea of bringing in the elements that make up the Spreewald region through a menu. So like the different ingredients would be like nature and you have the fish that are in the river. The animals. You’ve got some branches. So it is very earthy and it is a pretty cool place to stay. But it is booked up so that is why we couldn’t stay here this time around.

So we’re going to have a very relaxing afternoon today. We’re at a place called Spreewelten. And we’re here to enjoy the pools, enjoy the sauna and just relax because you know a little pampering is really nice every once in a while.

So not only can you swim here but you also have opportunities to enjoy the sauna. Something I’m really looking forward to doing is feeding penguins a little bit later on.

Well, that wraps up our busy day. We’re going to go home and take a rest. And we’re going to be right back at you with action tomorrow.

Punting in Spreewald, Germany

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