VIDEO: Regatta Race in Wustrow #JoinGermanTradition

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Our last day in Germany was spent visiting the town of Wustrow. From our hotel in a neighboring town we took our bicycles and pedaled our way along country roads taking in the scenic views of farmland and old homes. After touring around the town we were fortunate enough to witness the Regatta boat races. What made these boats unique is that they feature five red sails. Along with other spectators we felt mesmerized by the sheer amount of boats taking part in the event. Overall, it was a relaxing way to spend our final day in Germany before we’re off to Luxembourg.

Video Script:

So once again good morning from Germany. This is actually going to be our last vlog from the country because it is our last day here. It is day six. So we’re planning to spend the morning visiting the town of Wustrow. It is a little seaside village so we’ve got some bikes that we picked up from the hotel. We’re going to be biking around and just checking out the area. It should be lots of fun so let’s get pedaling.

Beware of the scary cats! Meow!

So we’ve just arrived in the town of Wustrow. We had to bike about five kilometers to get here and it is a really hot day out. I’m thinking mid thirties so we’re a bit sweaty but we’re ready to start exploring. Apparently this town is really well known for its fisherman homes. So we’re just going to bike around the neighborhood see what the houses look like and yeah, let’s go.

Another thing we’re loving about this town is visiting the homes in the older more traditional neighborhoods. And as you can see behind me the roofs on all of these homes are made out of reeds.

We’re certainly picked an excellent day to visit this town because they’re having a Regatta race. It is a type of sailboat race. And what makes these boats unique is that they have five kinds of sails on them and they’re all red.

And that concludes day six in Germany. Just like that our trip has come to an end. As usual time has flown by. It went by so quickly. And I still can’t believe how much we managed to do and see. Today we had a lovely time wandering around an old fishing village and we also watched a Regatta which was a lot of fun. And now it is time to pack up and get ready for the next destination. And that is Luxembourg. So stayed tuned for more videos from there.

Regatta Boat Race and Wustrow City Tour, Germany

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