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One of our top priorities after arriving in Milan, Italy was to find some local cuisine that is unique to this region. Fortunately, through the help of some friends we discovered that a specific type of risotto is a specialty of Milan. Specifically it is called Risotto alla Milanese and the secret ingredient that gives it such a bright yellow color is saffron. Unlike other risottos that feature many competing flavors and ingredients, Milanese is decidedly simple given that it is predominantly saffron and cheese. Come find out if we think it is worth sampling or not.

Video Script:

Well good evening from Milan. It is our first full day here and it is now dinner time. So we just found a local little restaurant and we’re going to be trying a traditional dish that is very popular in this city and in the Lombardy region. We are going to have Risotto alla Milanese .

First impressions from Milan so far? Ah, it’s been great. Especially the food. And every time you go to a restaurant I’m looking at the menu and I’m like I want this, I want this, I want this, I want this.

So I have a hard time deciding and I’m not even sure if we’re going to get to cover everything before we leave. Well, tonight it is risotto.

First impressions of Italian food here in Milan? It’s been really good. This bread I’m having right now is really good actually. I’m already on my forth slice. I’m a little worried because I may start to get full before the risotto actually arrives.

My Risotto alla Milanese has arrived. And in case you’re not too familiar with risotto it is basically a type of rice that is very thick, very starchy and it absorbs a lot of liquids. So this should be good. It almost looks a little soupy and creamy. And also my Risotto alla Milanese gets its color from saffron. So saffron is a bit of a reddish orange color when it is dry but when you stick it and mix it with the rice it turns it yellow. So enough about that let’s try it. Surprise!


Do you like that? Oh, wow!

That is so good. And it is already cheesy. I mean I know I added a lot of cheese but I think they had already melted some cheese and mixed it in.

So yeah, very cheesy and very buttery.

You can never get too much cheese.

That is so good. You’re going to like this.

Wow. Is it heaven?

Seriously that is amazing. Like risotto might be my new favorite Italian food. It’s that good. It’s so good. It is that good.

And the thing I like about this one is that it is really plain. Like I’ve had other types of risotto and there is a lot of things going on. There is a lot of different ingredients but this is just really simple. You’ve got your cheese, you’ve got your saffron. Yum.

Right now it is six twenty in the evening and we’ve basically got the restaurant to ourselves and that is because locals would never go out to eat this early. This is not even close to dinnertime. I’m thinking more like eight, nine, ten maybe even eleven. That is what time dinner is.

And we can see all of the empty chairs right behind you.

Judging by your plate I’m assuming you enjoyed it?

That is an empty plate and a happy boy.

And the price was also very reasonable coming in at seven Euros. Great value, excellent meal.

Risotto alla Milanese in Milan, Italy

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