Video: Ritter Sport – German Chocolate Taste Test

If I could pinpoint the one main culprit thwarting my attempt to lose weight in Berlin it is this: Ritter Sport. Damn you, Ritter Sport. Your 100 gram square shaped bars that come in over thirty different delectable flavors costing less than a Euro certainly aren’t helping my cause to lose my blogger belly.

Ritter Sport: 1 Sam’s Willpower: 0

I can’t remember exactly if it was my suggestion or Audrey’s to indulge in a Ritter Sport chocolate taste test; however, I can say with certainty that it didn’t take either of us a lot of time to get on board with the idea 😉

Choosing between thirty different flavors was like picking out your favorite child; eventually we settled on just six. Sitting down at our kitchen table, at our apartment in Berlin, we sampled each color coated package one by one. Indeed, we have an underprivileged life.

Here is a complete list of the Ritter Sport flavors:

Vollmilch – Regular milk chocolate coming in wrapper that is Royal Blue in color
Dunkle Voll-Nuss – A winning combination of hazelnuts and dark chocolate in a dark brown cover
Schoko-Duo – This is the flavor for white chocolate lovers that comes also comes in blue packaging

Cocos – Probably the best coconut chocolate bar I’ve ever had in a Silver Wrapper
Trauben-Nuss – If you like raisins and nuts this is your bar in a red package
Rum Trauben Nuss –  Raisins and rum – one of the best cominations of all time 😉  Crimson Red Wrapper

Dunkle Vollmilch – For dark chocolate lovers in an Azure Blue package
Halbbitter – 50% cacao dark chocolate in a burgundy casing
Edelbitter – 71% cacao plain dark chocolate wrapped all pretty in pink

Erdbeer Joghurt – strawberry and yogurt filling with milk chocolate on top cased in a light pink wrapper
Voll-Nuss – This is the bar for those who enjoy hazelnuts in a brown wrapper
Noisette – This one is hazelnut flavored coming in green

Knusperkeks – butter biscuit inside covered in milk chocolate coming in a brown wrapper
Pfefferminz – One of my favorites!  For those who love mint this is for you – Green cover
Joghurt – This one is pure Yogurt in a white matching wrapper

Kakao-Mousse – Alpine chocolate lovers will enjoy the Whipped Cream Cocoa in the center
Weiße Voll-Nuss – Hazelnuts and white chocolate in a white package
Knusperflakes – Cornflakes?  Indeed!  It comes in a yellow

Voll Erdnuss – This is the bar for peanut lovers covered in an orange package
Ganze Mandel – Mmmmm…almonds and milk chocolate in a dark green wrapper
Marzipan – This one, as might be expected, has marzipan! Covered in red

Cappuccino – Creamy cappuccino goodness in this milk chocolate bar covered in Amber
Alpenmilch – A special premium bar with alpine milk in a sky blue wrapper
Nugat – Copious amounts hazelnut-nougat in this bar with a midnight Blue package

Feinherb à la Mousse au Chocolat – dark chocolate filled with chocolate mousse in a Bistre Wrapper
Williams Birne Trüffel – dark chocolate filled with Poire Williams pear brandy mousse
Karamel Nuss – Milk Chocolate with butter caramel cream dropped hazelnuts and crispy rice in a Golden yellow wrapper

Haselnuss – Hazelnuts and Milk chocolate in Green packaging
Praline – Praline filling covered in Milk chocolate coming Navy Blue
Neapolitan – Neapolitan wafers made with hazelnut and praline in an orange casing

Which of these flavors would you choose?

Do you enjoy chocolate just as much as us? Let us know in the comment section below:

Video Script:

For today’s video you are in for a sweet treat – quite literally – because we are in Germany and we’ve decided to taste test a few of our favorite chocolates.


The brand we are testing is Ritter Sport. We have six different varieties – let’s show them.

So you’ve got three in your hand and I’ve got three in mine. We’re going to be trying all of these and letting you know what our favorites are.

Now the first thing to know is that there is a special way to open these. Audrey is going to show us.

I’m a pro – watch this! Okay, that one malfunctioned. One more. You just crack it open and ooh la la – chocolate!

Okay, the first kind we’re going to be trying is this yellow pack and it is a corn flake chocolate. It is regular milk chocolate but stuffed with cornflakes.

I’ve never had chocolate with corn flakes but I like both things, so I have high expectations here.

I’ve had this before and it is one of my favorites.

So a bite each.

Oh, wow, that is a crunchy one. How do you like it?

It’s amazing. It reminds me of a chocolate we have in North America – I think it is called Crunch or Crunchy. It is like the Crunchy bar but this is better.

The next one we’re trying is the red package – this is Marzipan. It is basically an almond paste made with honey and sugar. That is the filling inside of this chocolate. It also looks like it is a darker chocolate. I’m not a fan of dark chocolate because I prefer milk chocolate. We’ll see how this goes. Here.

That is very rich and decadent. Do you like it?

I prefer milk chocolate. I’ve already said that. It’s not my favorite but the Marzipan is very sweet so it kind of balances the bitterness of the dark chocolate, so it is okay.

Oh, I need water!

Okay, now this is the one I’ve been really wanting to have. I’m a huge fan of peppermint chocolate and Ritter Sport is high quality chocolate so I have very high expectations for this. Okay. Let’s give it a try.

Oh, wow! What do you think?

It’s a lot like those After Eight really thin chocolate strips – that is what it reminds me of.

Yeah, that is really good. It is also like the Junior Mints that we have in North America as well.

Number four. This one is the Espresso flavor. Do you normally like espresso? I do not like coffee, so no espresso for me. Yeah, we’re not coffee drinkers so I’m not sure how we’re going to like these ones.

This is torture.

Okay, it has a strong coffee flavor but it is milk chocolate and not dark chocolate so it is bearable.

I think if you put enough sugar in anything you can make it taste good. Even though I don’t like this flavor normally, I actually quite like it in chocolate form.

Next up we have a new flavor that I haven’t seen before. It is called Olympia. It has Yogurt, honey, nuts and grape sugar if my translation is correct. That sounds interesting. Let’s see. Take a square.

Cough. Ewwww!

Oh, it’s an interesting one. Do you like it? It doesn’t have a very distinct flavor considering it has four unique ingredients in the filling.

Yeah, I agree with that. I just coughed on the chocolate so that I get the rest of it afterwards. Not a bad strategy.

Last but certainly not least we have coconut. I’m a huge coconut fan. Do you think you’re going to like this one? I’ve actually been having this chocolate when Sam is not around. I go into the supermarket and get a square for myself and gobble it up.

I’m just finding this out now. That is evil. Here you go.

That is the best one in my opinion.

This looks so good that I’m taking two squares.

Oh, wow! It’s like big chunks of coconut.

It’s creamy, it’s sweet. I feel like I’m back in the tropics enjoying a coconut shake.

That is by far the best one as far as I’m concerned.

I’m going to choose my top two and if I had to rank them I’d say coconut is number one and maybe the cornflakes number two.
I really enjoyed those. What about you?

Well, for me I would go coconut also number one but then I would go peppermint number two.

I think we’ve figured out some quite important here. If we were to buy the coconut flavor Ritter Sport we’re going to be fighting over it. Quite literally. Hey, give it to me.

If any of you chocolate lovers find yourselves in Germany there is actually a Ritter Sport chocolate factory located outside of Stuttgart.

I went there a couple of years ago and there chocolate store is amazing. They have so much variety and all of the packaging is so colorful so you can certainly spend a few hours there picking up souvenirs to take back home or to eat before you go back home.

If you’re in Germany traveling and you want to try the Ritter Sport they are 99 cents of a Euro.

A little history into this chocolate bar – as you can see it is square shape because it was actually meant to fit inside of a gentleman’s blazer inside the front pocket. If they were ever at the theater – or the cinema – and they needed something to munch on they could discretely pull it out and have their Ritter Sport. Yum. That’s clever.

I just need to spit it out. You didn’t like that? Oh gosh Audrey don’t be so dramatic. The longer I keep it in my mouth the worse it gets. Jeez. Stop being weird.

Coconut, my turn. Me. I’ve only talked twice. Do you want to do it? Are you sure?

Ritter Sport: German Chocolate Taste Test


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