VIDEO: Road To Petra

Going off-road in the back of a truck over mountainous terrain and desert to reach Petra, Journey.

Video Script:

So excited right now because we are finally making our way over to Petra Bedouin style. As you can see we’re going be to riding in the back of a pickup truck for about an hour and a half. It’ll be exciting to finally making it there.
I love off-roading.

We’re really lucky to get our own truck here. We’re the only people sitting in the back of this pickup truck. Some of these other ones are filled with like four or five. VIP!

Bumpy ride huh? It sure is. Some of the city slickers from Canada looked a little horrified when they were notified they were going to have to travel in the back of the truck. There just just dropped.

We’ve taken a little rest stop. And the views ‘yeah’ they’re okay.

Road to Petra, Jordan

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