VIDEO: Room with a view in Sapa

In our latest travel video we arrive in Sapa and check into our hotel that offers a room with a view overlooking simply breathtaking views of gorgeous mountain vistas in northern Vietnam.

Together we have over four years worth of continuous travel and backpacking experience, yet we never experienced a room with as stunning of a view as in our hotel in Sapa, Vietnam.

Quite typically, when we travel (especially when we were backpacking in Malaysia) we seek out the cheapest rooms available. In Kuala Lumpur, we stayed in a room so pokey that if we turned around and did a 180 we would have smacked our head against a concrete wall. Sometimes, we’ve forgone creature comforts, such as air conditioning, hot water and other amenities, to shave a few dollars off of our hotel bill; however, recently we’ve been shifting more towards a lifestyle of flashpacking. For those who have never heard of the term, a flasherpacker is one who seeks quality without paying a fortune for it; instead of seeking rock bottom prices, a flashpacker is willing to pay more for something given it provides the extra value they are seeking.

With regards to our room in Sapa, we had the choice of a cheaper room where it would have cost half the price; however, the downside would have been a room without a view. If this was in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, I wouldn’t have cared about that at all; however, we’re in Sapa! This is a place that makes me feel giddy every time I look out of our window. In other words, we were happy to pay the extra money to receive a room with breathtaking views. Had we been cheapskates this video would have never been created šŸ˜‰

For those interested in staying here it’s called the Mountain View Hotel. Rooms start at $10 (without a view) and increase to $25 for the best views.

We got a $25 dollar room and we were able to reduce the price to $20 by staying for several nights and booking a hiking tour through the hotel. Our plan is to go on a two day hike covering some of the local villages in the nearby area.

We’ve just arrived in Sapa and with 4 more days to explore we’re really looking forward to all of the adventures that await us.

Already we can tell this is just the place we’d like to linger longer than originally planned; however, unfortunately we have a plane to catch in just a few days, so we’ll have to relish and make the most of our time as we possibly can.

Room with a view in Sapa


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