VIDEO: Rural Korea

In a quest to find Lotte Mart for some shoes for Audrey, we decided to take a rural pathway behind my Korean high-rise apartment, as opposed to taking the normal route along the highway. We were immediately rewarded by a chance encounter with two lovely Korean puppies who greeted and played with us for several minutes.  They were so cute and energetic licking both of our hands and enjoying any sort of affection from us.

On the way we showcase the rice fields and farmland that make up a large percentage of my neighbourhood. You’ll notice that much of the crops are dried out because of the time of year. We both agree that Fall is our favourite season in Korea because of the radiant colours and moderate temperatures.  It’s the perfect time to wander around without either feeling too hot or too cold.

In this particular travel video, we showcase rural Korean homes, farmers tending their fields and a hike up to a high vantage point through a forest that leads to a park.  Overall, the walk was close to forty five minutes.

We finally reach Lotte Mart and find a pair of shoes for Audrey to wear this winter.  Korea is the type of country where you need to have clothes for every season. As per usual, Sam goofs off at the end in the blooper section by using the Korean public exercise machines.  These types of exercise machines can be found at parks scattered throughout the country.  Koreans are quite health conscious and it comes as no surprise that obesity is far less prevalent here than it is back home in Canada.


Rural Korea in Anseong

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