VIDEO: San Telmo Sunday Fair

San Telmo Sunday Fair

If you’re looking for the ultimate people watching and shopping experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina consider checking out the San Telmo Sunday Fair (Feria De San Telmo) – a bustling hive of activity in terms of souvenir shopping, tango performances, live entertainment, street music and dining options. You guessed it – it happens every Sunday ūüėČ

Travel Video: San Telmo Sunday Fair

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Video Script:

So it is a new day in the city and today we are taking you to a different neighborhood. We’re going to be checking out San Telmo. Yes, and San Telmo is the oldest neighborhood in all of Buenos Aires. It also has a bit of a different feel. Like some parts of this city look a bit French. This looks a bit more colonial. And it is artsy. It is very bohemian, very hippie and there is going to be all kinds of vendors selling different trinkets. There is going to be food, there is going to be a lot different cool stuff so we’re going to check it out. And it happens, the big market always happens on Sunday. And today is Sunday! It is Sunday.

(Spanish street performer music)

So we are hearing lots of cool music in this part of town. Any favorites so far? Yeah, I mean you’ve got all kinds of different music. I really like that alternative band. They’re just jamming like crazy on the street corner. Yeah, they were having fun. They were having fun. There is also lots of Tango as is to be expected. Yeah. Tango time. A bit of something for everyone.

(Tango music on the street)

(Bargaining in Spanish)

So there is a lot of cool street art in this neighborhood and we just found the iconic mural with Che Guevara. Yes. Pretty easy to find actually. It is still there. It is still there. We weren’t sure if was going to be. Yeah, I saw that one maybe like 6 or 7 years ago when I visited and it is still around. Way before we even met.

So aside from the outdoor market there is a really cool indoor market where you can buy food and antiques. So we’re in here right now. Let’s go have a look.

So this is something I find really strange. At the market they are selling people’s old family photos. And you can even find like government documents. It is a bit odd. I’m not sure how this ended up at a flea market. And I wonder where these families are. How they feel about their possessions being sold. Family moments.

And that is a wrap from San Telmo. We didn’t walk away with any souvenirs. Empty handed over here. But it was still really fun checking out the neighborhood, checking out the street art, listening to some music. People watching. People watching too. My gosh. Some really good people watching in this part of town. So you come for the experience definitely. And if you pick-up a souvenir or something that is a bonus. Yes. So I think we’re going to call it a day. Maybe go back have a siesta and eat some cake. Because cake and coffee is a thing here. Oh yeah.


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